Our Vision: To build an Innovative, Entrepreneurial group of Passionate people that delivers Excellent solutions for the Industries we serve.

What we do

What we do

Saxony Partners provides strategic advisory services, business process optimization and technology solutions. As Saxony has grown, the vision of the company has been redefined to serve multiple vertical markets where consulting expertise is in short supply.

Who we serve

Saxony Partners originally served the the real estate and financial services industry. We have since added the restaurant and hospitality industry and health care verticals to our expanding portfolio of services. Our plans are ever growing and ambitious.

Why are we different?

Saxony Partners was incorporated in 2011 to initially serve the real estate investment industry, a historically underserved market for technology. We seek to build a cross generational consulting firm where professionals can become masters of their craft and help our industry clients address complex business and technical challenges more effectively than any other firm.


Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson

Daniel Baskind

Daniel Baskind

Derek Thornhill

Derek Thornhill

Business First, Technology Second – Focus on deep expertise in industries we serve for when you want a business solution, not a technology deployment

Accountable Methodology – We provide an open and transparent delivery approach. A trademark methodology that gives our customers complete visibility and ownership

Speed to Value – Our deep business expertise allows us to partner in a more efficient manner with our client as we speak the language of your business

Solution Support – We offer local support on 100% of the solutions we build to meet your business demands

Masters of our Craft – We are not generalists and encourage our team to grow their craft and career in specialized business and technology domains


Yardi Automated Property Onboarding

Why is this even a thing? If your asset management organization is like many, properties are acquired and disposed of regularly. If your organization is among the majority, it also uses Yardi Voyager as a property management software. Further, asset management (single...

Identifying and Testing Your Users

Any great user experience practitioner will tell you that you need to define who your users are (Personas/User Profiles) and identify their behaviors (Usability testing/ Ethnography) before designing can begin or should continue. And if you do not have any users yet,...

Gamification for Training

While most of us can immediately recognize the benefit of training at a job, I doubt most of us would call this activity fun. But there are things that can be done to make it fun and engaging or at least less tedious than it traditionally is. And that in turn will...

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