International Restaurant Franchise – Harmonizing Sales Data To Streamline Reporting

Client implemented a new cloud-based POS system (NCR Silver Pro) into its corporate stores and needed to integrate the sales data with that of other POS systems for corporate reporting.


Client Profile 

Quick Serve Restaurant Chain with over 400  stores, offering franchises throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. Was recognized as one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the US in the mid 2000’s.


Due to the inefficiency and non-compliance nature of client’s existing POS system, where they had multiple point-of-sale systems, and needed to implement a common POS platform for its corporate stores and new franchisees. There was no common data layer for reporting and analytics. Reporting sales information across stores involved manual processes.


  • Designed and Implemented near real-time data extract via API calls
  • Created a relational database model to store operational data from cloud coupled with an automated deployment process reducing maintenance overhead
  • Integrated data with other POS systems into a data warehouse used for corporate reporting
  • Designed an ETL solution to perform GET and POST API operations


  • Harmonized data from different Point Of Sales systems
  • Improved data capture for corporate reporting
  • Simplified existing corporate and new franchisees stores on-boarding to NCR Silver Pro process

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