I had the pleasure of presenting to the EUX Virtual Summit on February 14, 2017. Nearly 30,000 people around the globe registered for this, the largest UX conference ever!

Thousands joined my webinar from locations such as Indonesia, France, Brazil, Poland, the Philippines, and elsewhere. The reaction from the global design community was simply fantastic. I collected and curated a few Tweets for posterity. One attendee even took the time to take some awesome sketchnotes!

Much of the content of my presentation will be familiar if you’ve read my post UX Strategy: What’s Your Altitude?

This was a great opportunity to take that framework and apply it to a case study from my previous design work at Intuit, and to get feedback from designers around the world.

The UX Strategy Altitudes Framework

Here’s a screencast recording of my full presentation with Q&A afterward. It’s just over an hour long.


If you’re short on time, here’s a pre-recorded and condensed version of my presentation. It’s just 30 minutes long. Enjoy!