Identifying and Testing Your Users

by Eric Hilton | May 24, 2017 | Experience Design

Any great user experience practitioner will tell you that you need to define who your users are (Personas/User Profiles) and identify their behaviors (Usability testing/ Ethnography) before designing can begin or should continue. And if you do not have any users yet, these steps are even more critical.

This is necessary because you want to be sure you are building the right feature set for your users. While determining this, you should be questioning your assumptions. Do I really know if my users need a mobile app? Otherwise you are susceptible to building something that you believe your users need, but not actually what they need. Could it be that a responsive website would accommodate their needs?

There are many tools you can utilize to have a clearer understanding of your users. And though these tools are great, you will never have a perfect understanding of your users. The idea is not to be perfect though, just better. Always better — using what you learn about your users over time.

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