Why is this even a thing?

If your asset management organization is like many, properties are acquired and disposed of regularly. If your organization is among the majority, it also uses Yardi Voyager as a property management software. Further, asset management (single family, multifamily, senior living, and commercial) companies typically have a host of different ways that properties are vetted, underwritten, and ultimately acquired; this host of ways almost never includes the use of Yardi. It is common that an organization have entire applications devoted to acquiring properties whether they be a custom-built application or an adaptation of a large ERP such as PeopleSoft or SAP. No matter the solution your organization employs, as soon as a property is acquired, there is someone whose job it is to enter the data from your acquisition system into Yardi. This process can be time consuming (say if your organization purchases a portfolio of properties) and certainly error prone.

Can I automate that?

In a word, YES! Enter Yardi Automated Property Onboarding, a solution to all of your desperate property acquisition and disposition needs. Doesn’t the sound of it just make your property managers’ hearts flutter? No more confirming and re-confirming that you have zip code typed correctly, square feet converted exactly to square meters (or vice-versa) and so on.

But what if I am on Yardi Private Cloud?

Great, even easier. Both Yardi Private Cloud and Yardi SaSS Select are eligible to have automated property onboarding set up.

Okay, enough, how do I do it?

Yardi Automated Property Onboarding is a fairly simple process to set up and only requires that your organization maintains consistency in its business process. That said, it does require a technology background. The steps below ought to be implemented by someone who has a strong understanding of Yardi and database technologies. If that person is you, please drop us a line at eric.hilton@saxonypartners.com. If you are strong in both of those areas, please read on and enjoy!


  • Database access to Yardi
    • Query Analyzer and YSql work just fine for SaSS Select
    • Direct SQL Server Management Studio access through a VPN tunnel for private cloud is preferred
  • Yardi foreign Database set up and usable
  • Database access (where applicable) to the acquisition system or spreadsheet
  • Healthy Yardi use habits
  • A business process that supports data flowing from the acquisition software to Yardi based on a workflow
  • An intermediate database to do processing on – though this can often be done on the acquisition database.
    • And/ or an Extract Transform and Load tool (ETL) – these can be free, but most organizations have access to them through a license to Microsoft SQL Server, for example.


  • A property is marked as acquired in acquisition system
  • A nightly (or more frequent if needed) job runs to compare acquired properties in the acquisition system and Yardi
  • New properties are identified and sent to Yardi for import
  • A TaskRunner job is setup in Yardi to receive the new properties
    • Import the property to all applicable tables
    • Set up all integrations such as utilities
    • Configure property ownership
    • Configure charges
    • Rebuild property lists
    • Rebuild occupancy

What about other integrations?

All sorts of integrations between Yardi and third party applications are possible. If you can think of it, there’s a good chance someone else has too and we’ve implemented it. Please reach out to eric.hilton@saxonypartners.com for more information.

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Eric Hilton

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Eric Hilton has over 9 years of data warehousing development, design and implementation experience. He has spent his entire professional career in the business intelligence and data warehousing space. Mr. Hilton has held a variety of roles on projects through his career: report developer, ETL developer, ETL architect, and data architect.

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