A Comprehensive Guide on Yardi Investment Suite: Features, Benefits, and More

Yardi has a lot to offer for the investment management space. It’s no secret that their technology is some of the best in the real estate industry. With many options and customizable add-ons, you can configure the technology to your needs. Although that’s the case, sometimes it can be confusing to know exactly how to configure Yardi to your investment needs. Here’s our breakdown of Yardi’s Investment Suite, so you can make better-informed decisions about your Yardi investment management needs.

Key Takeaways:

What is Yardi Investment Suite?

Yardi Investment Suite, formerly known as Investment Management, is Yardi’s solution for investment managers and investors alike. By leveraging their software, you can streamline your efficiency through automating key tasks and consolidating investment information. Yardi includes multiple products within their investment suite: Investment Accounting, Investment Manager, Investor Plus Analytics, and Debt Manager. Yardi Investment Suite is configurable, meaning you have options to choose which products you want. This makes it important for you to know which products offer what benefits, so you can align the solutions they bring with your needs.

Products within Yardi Investment Suite

As mentioned above, Yardi Investment Suite includes multiple product offerings that you can leverage. Depending on what type of technology solution you’re looking for, Yardi has a product to fit your needs. Here is a brief overview of the products within the Yardi Investment Suite so you can make better informed decisions regarding what products will benefit you:

Investment Accounting

With Yardi Voyager’s Investment Accounting, you can set up an investment hierarchy, perform financial consolidations, as well as process capital transactions like contributions, distributions, and allocations. In addition, Investment Accounting facilitates the analysis of your investment and investor transactions – including related accounting.

Investment Manager

Investment Manager is a Yardi product intended to enable collaboration and communication with current and prospective investors through an Investor Portal. With Investment Manager, you can track your investors, investments, opportunities, investor communications, capital tracking and its related accounting. This platform can be implemented as a complement to Yardi Voyager, or as a standalone solution.

Performance Manager

Performance Manager is a business intelligence tool focused on providing internal stakeholders with information about their portfolio. It facilitates the analysis and review of investments, investment performance, utilizing reports, and analytics.

Debt Manager

Debt Manager is a Yardi submodule that can integrate with Investment Management. With Debt Manager, you can automate payments to lenders and billing to borrowers. It also allows you to manage complex amortizations, track collateral, taxes, and insurance, as well as track investor activity, process investor transactions and analyze loan performance.

Document Manager

Document Manager is an integrated solution that utilizes a client’s SharePoint and the Microsoft Cloud. Recurring automatic data syncs occur so updates that are made in the system by end users reflect correctly after being modified.


How will Yardi Investment Suite benefit me?

The benefits of Yardi Investment Suite vary depending on what product or products you choose to leverage. Regardless of your choice, there is a lot for you to gain from leveraging Yardi Investment Suite offerings including:

How do I know which offerings I need?

Yardi has a lot to offer in the investment management space. Although this is helpful, it is often daunting to know where to start. Each investment portfolio is unique, and your investment objectives are specific to you. That’s why it’s important for you to structure your Yardi environment for you, rather than conforming to an industry standard.

If you’re questioning what offerings you should leverage from Yardi, a consultant such as one of our experts at Saxony Partners is a great place to start. By working directly with a consultant, you take advantage of expert industry and technology knowledge. Our consultants will talk about your goals and conduct a business analysis. Once completed, your business analysis will provide key insights as to what you need to be doing now to accomplish your goals later. This way, when you’re looking at Yardi Investment Suite, you can start with what Yardi products you need instead of paying for what you don’t.

Looking for support?

At Saxony Partners, we’re no stranger to the complexities involved with deciding which Yardi products are the best fit for you. Although Yardi has a lot of powerful tools to use, it can be overwhelming. Our team of consultants combine real estate industry knowledge with Yardi technical expertise to ensure that your Yardi is optimized specifically for your unique needs. If you’re looking to either get involved in investment management within the real estate industry, or to leverage technology to gain an advantage in the industry, we’re here to help.

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