Accurate and Accessible Data Transforms Business Potential


A global private equity firm focused on special situations and opportunistic investments reached out to Saxony Partners because they had outgrown their technology and data ecosystem – slowing down their reporting and analytics in the process. Our team of financial services industry experts created a custom data management and analytics platform to reduce manual effort, level-off headcount, and improve efficiency.


A $15 billion Special Situations investments business was facing both reputational and operational risks in absence of a stable technology platform. They had grown their headcount rapidly but were still operating like a startup, with all of their disparate data disorganized in Excel.

As a result, the firm couldn’t obtain accurate information quickly enough to utilize it for important business decisions. Nearly every report that key business leaders received was based on old data, meaning that projections and key decisions were driven by assumptions, not hard data.


Saxony Partners stepped in and conducted a strategy assessment to define the highest priority areas that needed improvement.

First, we interviewed a sampling of all of the relevant business stakeholders: front office, back office, accounting, finance, HR, compliance, investments process, portfolio management teams, and more. We found out what their current busines processes looked like, where their pain points were, and what specific steps in their internal processes were the most tedious and cumbersome. We developed a clear picture of how they were managing their investments so we could make educated recommendations on how to improve.

We then developed a roadmap that encompassed the overall company needs and outlined a prioritized list of initiatives to address those needs. First on the list was a customized data warehouse and management platform that would allow stakeholders faster access to reliable data.


With information siloed in Excel spreadsheets, it was difficult for the client to answer even basic questions in a timely manner regarding investor reporting. Our first task was to consolidate all of this data so that, from a reporting perspective, they could see everything from the fund level all the way down to the position and tax lot level.

Thanks to our team of industry-specific experts, we were able to build an effective data model that supported complicated, nuanced investment structures. This allowed the business to enhance investment performance and identify potential concerns or investment risks much more quickly. The new data management system limited the potential downside on any of their investments.


Ultimately, having accurate information immediately at their fingertips allowed this business to grow from $15 billion to $35 billion and beyond. And since so many previously manual internal processes were now automated, they didn’t have to increase overall headcount as they grew.

Our client could make meaningful investments early in their lifecycle, and they could catch potential risk factors before they became troubling and expensive problems. With technology limitations out of the way, they can continue to quickly access trustworthy data and scale AUM while maintaining minimal headcount.