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Saxony Healthcare VP Alan Stein: “Start with People and Processes, Not Technology”

Saxony Partners Alan Stein has spent his career knee-deep in data and analytics – a skillset he believes is perfectly suited to solving the issues plaguing the American healthcare system.  

“I’m motivated by how many ways technology can directly help what’s broken with healthcare,” says Stein, who serves as the vice president of Saxony’s healthcare practice. “And Saxony has the expertise to implement those technologies. But our firm is unique because we combine that expertise with deep industry knowledge. We believe that technology is a tool used to achieve a business goal – it’s not the goal itself.” 

The approach Stein describes is, believe it or not, unique. For decades, as problems present themselves, tech-centric firms have reacted by placing another piece of software on top of the pile. Over time, that approach can be problematic. You’ve played Jenga, you get the idea. Across the healthcare landscape, there are a number of tottering, precariouslyswaying towers of technology.   

Saxony Partners’ Alan Stein.

Stein’s healthcare team takes the opposite approach – start by researching people and processes on the front-end, course-correct where needed, and then plan a technology stack that is integrated, automated, and fits each firm’s proprietary needs.  

We start with a map,” Stein says. “On one side of the map are challenges, processes, pains, and the decisions you face. On the other side is data, whether from your electronic medical records, external data, clinical, or any other source.  

“The key to successfully doing more with your data is not just to capture more data, process more data, or create more data. The key is to connect the data already available to those processes, challenges, and people. Saxony knows how to do that better than any other firm.” 

Stein would know, he’s been at Saxony Partners since spring 2015, when he served as the firm’s director of client engagement. For the past three years, Stein directed Saxony’s data and analytics practice 

“I take great pride in leading people and helping them accomplish a goal,” he says. “There’s nothing better than taking a complex problem, distilling it down to its critical elements, and then solving it.”  

Before landing at Saxony, Stein was the co-founder and CEO of LiveLogic, a business intelligence consulting firm, specializing in reporting and analytics for mid-size and large companies. At LiveLogic, he was responsible for all aspects of business strategy, including the plans for sales, marketing, consulting delivery, human resources, and finance. Prior to that, Stein spent nearly a decade working for two of the largest business consulting firms in the United States – Hitachi and Navigator Systems (now Accenture). 

Every single day, the people here at Saxony Partners make me better and give me tremendous enjoyment,” Stein says.I know how special it is to get that combination, and I appreciate how that allows us to do great things. 

When he’s not solving complex business problems or planning fixes for the American healthcare system, you’ll likely find Stein at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, pulling for the Mavs and the Stars. Or, you’ll find him on-campus at his alma mater – The University of Texas at Austin – cheering on his Longhorns. Alan, his wife Laurie, and his kids Casey, Robert, and Eleanor live in Dallas.  

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