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Get to Know the Saxony Healthcare Team: Anna Lynch

Anna Lynch joined Saxony Partners as a senior architect in March 2015, bringing with her nearly two decades of experience as a consultant.  

Her first projects were geared toward Saxony’s financial services clients – building enterprise reporting solutions for a large mortgage lender, performing data strategy assessments and roadmaps for a large national bank, leading reporting design and development for a global real estate investment firm, and so forth. But once Saxony’s healthcare practice began to take off, Anna decided that was where she wanted to focus most of her time and talent.   

“I find medicine fascinating, in general,” Lynch says. “While everyone else is listening to music or talk radio, I’m listening to ‘Dr. Radio’ – the show hosted by NYU’s Langone Medical Center.” 

Saxony Partners’ Anna Lynch

Since turning her focus to healthcare, Anna has tackled a massive reporting and forecasting project for one of our clients, a Fortune 20 company. For Anna, that project reinforced Saxony’s value proposition around the importance of doing more with your data. 

The whole healthcare ecosystem generates and runs on data – data from providers, from payors, from pharma manufacturers and distributors,” Anna says. “Our healthcare team understands data, how that data is generated, and the business value that’s gained by treating data as an asset.” 

Going forward, Anna will be creating data-focused solutions for our healthcare clients using state-of-the-art discovery and visualization tools. Her insight will help firms interpret their data and see relationships and trends that would otherwise remain hidden.  

“Healthcare is facing pressure on many fronts,” Anna says. “Pressure to reduce costs, to improve outcomes, to provide proof of improved outcomes. Then you’ve got physician burnout, higher data entry demands, and clunky software. All of this means less time interacting with patients.” 

“Saxony comes in and works with you to explore your firm’s specific pain points. Then we discuss options for relieving these pains, taking into consideration financial and resource constraints. We tell you what you can expect from our intervention, we identify what success looks like and how to measure it. And then we craft and deliver a solution that meets your needs.”   

When she’s not helping clients do more with their data, you’ll find Anna socializing with friends, hosting wine tastings, and planning her next mountain getaway.  

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