Meet the Saxony Real Estate Team: Anne Escobedo

Saxony’s Anne Escobedo Specializes in Yardi Implementation and Management

Anne Escobedo joined Saxony Partners in 2017 after more than a decade in the property management industry. She is a manager focusing on our Yardi implementation and management practice.  

“What makes us stand out in the Yardi space is the technology expertise, coupled with vast property management experience,” Anne says. “We know how to help solve the problems because we’ve likely experienced them before.”

Prior to joining Saxony, Anne was a senior product manager at another consulting firm, again specializing in Yardi implementation and management. Her knowledge of industry operations, as well as the software itself, gives her a unique ability to assist companies trying to implement and integrate Yardi into their technology stack. Because she knows both the industry and the technology, companies listen when she gives recommendations on how to streamline business operations and utilize Yardi to its fullest capacity. 

“I bring a genuine interest in our clients’ success,” Anne says. “I started as a leasing agent and I understand the importance of streamlining processes. My years on-site and my Yardi knowledge make me uniquely qualified to offer recommendations that will simplify a process or save time, energy, and/or money.” 

At Saxony, Anne leads Yardi implementations for multiple clients, specifically those in the residential real estate space. She implements RENT Café prospect portals, as well as resident portals with custom FillDocs leases. She conducts security audits, trainings, and business process reviews with clients – guiding them through implementation, integration, and upgrades. When clients need to onboard a new property into their existing system, they rely on Anne’s expertise.  

“Working at Saxony offers me opportunities to meet new clients, gain knowledge and work with some pretty bright people,” Anne says. “I’m a naturally social person, so I enjoy new people and places. I love collaborating with the developers within Saxony to create customizations that solve problems for clients.” 

Outside of work, you’ll find Anne spending quality time with her family. She loves to cook, travel, and hang out with friends. Her guilty pleasure, besides Facetiming with her twin sister, is Netflix. 

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