Asset Management with Yardi Elevate Asset IQ

Asset Management with Yardi Elevate Asset IQ

Using Yardi Elevate for asset management provides your business with immediate access to critical data and predictive insights for the future. It’s a comprehensive tool that stores all of your data in one place, streamlining your reporting, and helping you make educated business decisions.

At Saxony Partners, our team of leading Yardi experts partners with clients to lower costs, balance risk, and increase revenue using Asset IQ in Yardi Elevate. Here’s everything you need to know about digital strategy and asset management with this tool.

What makes Yardi Elevate a good solution for asset management?

Yardi Elevate’s suite includes a predictive analytics tool called Asset IQ. What’s so special about Asset IQ? Saxony Partners Yardi Consultant Marlayna Catlett explains.

“Asset IQ allows the user a concise snapshot of their portfolio KPIs, providing real-time information,” Catlett said. “It uses data sourced from Yardi Matrix, which provides activity, market rents, and budgeting data from across 136 markets, 85,000 properties, and 16,000,000 units.”

“The premise of Asset IQ is to blend internal information in Voyager with external information from all other sources to create the ‘benchmark’ or comparison. This program will show where the portfolio stands concerning rents, marketing, operations, financials, or a custom combination of your choosing. Asset IQ also allows users to see how they are performing against their actual budget numbers in real-time.”

“For example, a marketing team can see via graph or percentages how much their net spend is, how it relates to the pay-per-click (PPC), and how many leases are generated by each lead source. The program will also compare that data with what their nearby competitors are doing, all on one screen.”

What problems does Yardi Elevate solve?

Asset managers share some common pain points, many of them centered around slow reporting and lack of data insight. Yardi Elevate offers solutions to both of those problems.

“Yardi Elevate eliminates time-consuming action of pulling separate reports for comparatives,” Catlett said. “It provides real-time data, as the information refreshes daily. It also enables a higher degree of visibility between departments and locations.”

How does Saxony partner with asset managers using Yardi Elevate?

Yardi Elevate is versatile, with numerous features and modules you can customize to your business needs. But its primary purpose is to fulfill three main goals: lowering costs, balancing risks, and increasing revenue.

Our team of independent Yardi consultants at Saxony Partners helps our clients maximize the value of Yardi Elevate. Here’s how we partner with asset managers to improve portfolio performance.

Lowering Costs

  • We help portfolio owners view a larger data set. 
  • Using Yardi Elevate to provide accurate information and data metrics, Saxony Partners guides the company on how to budget smarter and with market trends in mind.

Balancing Risks

  • Saxony provides training on how Asset IQ offers visibility into portfolio collections in real-time and when full recovery is expected with regard to current budget assumptions.
  • Users can view this information on many levels – by portfolio, by region, or by property.

Increasing Revenue

Saxony Partners educates users on how Asset IQ provides metrics on unit turns, vacancy losses, and hold times. These data points offer transparency into the way these procedures affect the property’s bottom line, which, in turn, can help asset managers increase revenue portfolio-wide.

Saxony Partners Yardi Managed Services

If your team is struggling to tackle asset management with Yardi Elevate, or any other Yardi services, Saxony Partners can help.

It can be difficult to devote the necessary bandwidth to your Yardi software and internal processes to keep things up-to-date and functioning properly.

At Saxony Partners, we provide Yardi Managed Services to help empower our clients to utilize Yardi to its full capacity. To learn more, contact us here.