Building a Modern Data Ecosystem with Snowflake

Deal with a lot of data? Does that data provide insight into your business operations? How many partners do you need to share data with? Saxony can help you improve your business agility by building a modern data ecosystem with Snowflake. As a multi-cluster data share SaaS that is built natively for the cloud, Snowflake’s data warehouse functions can be turned on and off as your business needs fluctuate.

Saxony Partners has implemented Snowflake for several of our clients – from a complete architectural overhaul at one of the world’s largest insurance companies to implementing a DXP at a digital marketing firm. Below are highlights for what Snowflake has to offer you.

The Highlights

Streamlined Design

Snowflake allows you to build your database without extensive design. With the self-service features Snowflake offers, you can get the same level of perfect design as with hiring an expert architect.

Data Vault Modeling

Providing long-term historical storage of data that comes in from operational systems. Snowflake makes no distinction between good or bad data and utilizes components (hubs, links, satellites) to build associations and attributes within its ecosystem.

Time Travel

If you delete a table in a database, that’s usually a big deal. However, with Snowflake you can restore your database from a time stamp or ID to “undo” common mistakes, like dropped data or accidental edits.

Zero Copy Clone

It’s hard to reproduce problems in a data environment. Snowflake creates a snapshot image of the data for you to test with that doesn’t affect production, dramatically reducing the time and effort of recreating an environment from scratch.

Scalable Storage

Snowflake is a centralized scalable storage that can multiply itself on demand with no limitation. By clustering the data, users get their own instance of the database to run separate query workloads and testing without impeding each other’s environment.

Self-service Maintenance

Snowflake eliminates complexity and simplifies the data pipeline, making self-service access to data and insights possible for any data professional. As data volume, concurrent users and disparate sources increase, Snowflake continues to provide high and reliable performance.

High Performance

Even with large volumes of data (multi-TB), Snowflake uses separate query workloads and can be tuned with automatic data clustering. Input/Output operations can be done in parallel with Snowflake’s superior processing speed as well.

Low Cost

Not only is the set up and integration of Snowflake within your system quick and easy, but it is inexpensive. Snowflake’s granular billing by the second at the virtual warehouse level keeps your compute and storage costs down. You don’t pay for what you’re not actively using. 


Multi-vendor Loading

Accommodating various databases within your architecture is a business challenge and users may opt into a tightly integrated cloud ecosystem like Azure or AWS. However, Snowflake’s Data Cloud is expanding its data warehousing system with Snowpark to offer even more flexibility to users. Snowpark allows architects to build complex data pipelines with ease and enables users to load data directly into Snowflake.

Need Good Data Going In

Except for NOT NULL constraints, which are always enforced, Snowflake does not enforce constraints. If you are currently using MySQL or SQL server, the lack of constraint support with Snowflake can be a challenge when labeling your data.

Does Not Integrate Well with Other Programming Languages  

The dynamic code (parameterized stored procedures and functions) needed must be written in JavaScript, not a common skill among analysts or databases. Snowflake does support SQL: ANSI and advanced string operations.

Build Your Modern Data Ecosystem with Snowflake and Saxony Partners

Whether you need a custom software solution, technology and platform modernization, cloud data solution, or someone to help you assess and right-size your technology infrastructure – Saxony Partners’ Digital team can help.

Not all consultants are created equal. Some are shills for a particular technology or platform. Some overbuild an expensive solution that is ill-suited to meet your needs. Either way, they’re not on your side. And if you’re the person who hired them, you could be in trouble.

Saxony Partners is on your side. We hire people from the industries we serve and pair them with talented technology experts to deliver speed-to-value. We work with you to understand your business challenges and we build appropriate, right-sized technology solutions to solve them. Our goal is to be your player/coach in the process by implementing the solution collaboratively and empowering you to maintain and scale it as your business grows.

Questions about how Saxony can help you achieve your business goals? Connect with us here.