Improve Your SFR and BTR Property Onboarding Process

Efficient property onboarding is crucial when managing single-family rental (SFR) or build-to-rent (BTR) portfolios. It ensures that your new properties are integrated into your existing property management system. To add to this pressure, property onboarding also plays a critical role in establishing your relationship with a new client. If your property onboarding process takes too […]

4 Ways You Need to Leverage Technology for SFR/BTR Success 

Command the Competition The successes of the SFR and BTR markets are clear. With numerous market drivers fueling these sectors as golden opportunities within the real estate industry, many are looking for how to stay ahead within SFR and BTR Markets. But it’s important to note that just tapping into a hot market won’t bring […]

How to Stay Ahead within SFR and BTR Markets

Capitalize on Market Drivers Today’s market for single-family rental (SFR) and built-to-rent (BTR) housing sectors have exploded across headlines as a booming investment opportunity within the real estate industry. With so much noise surrounding these sectors, though, there are four key drivers you need to consider while managing SFR and BTR assets. Understanding these market […]

Yardi Managed Services

Yardi Managed Services It is difficult to devote valuable resources to your Yardi software and internal processes. Keeping these systems up-to-date costs time, and therefore, money. Your number one focus as a property management company is to serve your tenants. Supporting end users with system fixes, handling software updates, and targeted staff trainings easily fall […]

Yardi Property Onboarding for a Multifamily Real Estate Development Firm

Yardi Property Onboarding Multifamily Real Estate Development Firm Asks Saxony to Deliver Complex Yardi Property Onboarding Project Complex Yardi property onboarding involves bringing new property data into a client’s existing database. This is done by loading it manually (via ETL) or electronically (a Yardi-to-Yardi conversion) into a core Voyager system. Secondary Yardi products such as […]

Yardi Implementation: Do It Right the First Time

Yardi Implementation: Do It Right the First Time

So you’ve made the decision to purchase Yardi as your ERP system. Now reality sets in and you realize there is a lot more work required than you originally thought.  Trying to work your way through the maze of customizations and all the modules Yardi offers can certainly be overwhelming. With any typical Yardi implementation, […]

Yardi Voyager vs. Yardi Breeze: Which one is right for your business?

Yardi Voyager vs. Yardi Breeze: Which one is right for your business? If your business is considering Yardi as your property management software solution, you might be wondering which version to pick. You also might be thinking about which features you need to meet your business needs. There’s Yardi Breeze, Yardi Voyager, plus countless modules […]

Yardi Training Tips from Our Experts

Yardi Training Tips from Our Experts Approaching Yardi as a brand-new user can be intimidating. Yardi is such a robust and multifunctional platform with countless modules and tools to help you manage properties, create reports, and optimize countless other administrative tasks.  Rather than diving into the Yardi platform headfirst and clicking buttons at random, we […]

6 Tips for Real Estate SSRS Reports

6 Tips for Real Estate SSRS Reports SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports are helpful for real estate companies wanting to analyze Yardi data – but they can be challenging to create and prone to user error. Our Yardi consulting team at Saxony Partners relies on decades of technical and industry-specific experience to design ideal […]

Real Estate Reporting with Saxony Partners

Real Estate Reporting with Saxony Partners At Saxony Partners, we hire employees directly from the real estate industry to ensure we consistently anticipate and deliver on the needs real estate firms are facing every day. We have empowered countless real estate clients to use their own data as a competitive advantage, and it all starts […]