We continue to work with our clients and colleagues to help them mitigate the impacts of Covid-19, which has created a variety of serious impacts (economic and otherwise) across all of the industries we serve. Together, we have devised, built, and serviced solutions that are helping companies survive and navigate the so-called new normal.

Below are the goals/deliverables our clients have requested and that we have delivered on their behalf – organized by industry. We hope it will help inspire you as you navigate your own journey through these unprecedented circumstances.

If you have questions about what we can do for you, please reach out and let us know.

In the meantime, stay safe and be well!

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Banking Resources

A PPP Automation Success Story

When the Paycheck Protection Program rolled out earlier this year, a banking client asked us to build an automation tool that would help process their PPP loan applications in accordance with the government’s guidelines. In the end, we helped the bank process approximately three times their average monthly loan volume in a just few days.

Of course, automation helps bankers in a multitude of ways, beyond just PPP. Let Saxony help you eliminate manual tasks, improve efficiency, and save money.

Read more here.

Gearing Up for PPP Loan Forgiveness

Loan fulfillment was just half of the work associated with the Paycheck Protection Program – the forgiveness process associated with those loans is well underway.

Shifting rules associated with the PPP confused many loan providers and has made the forgiveness process more complicated than anticipated.

Saxony Partners has helped banking clients deliver PPP loan forgiveness by leveraging automation technology and on-site support.

Banking Industry Compliance

Regulatory data compliance can be a confusing and exhausting process for anyone in the banking and financial services industry. The laws vary by state and circumstance and evolve year after year, leaving companies in a cloud of confusion about the best practices for their data.

We offer our financial services clients decades of experience working directly within the industry coupled with a thorough understanding of how to store, organize, and optimize data within regulatory guidelines.

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Mortgage and Private Equity Resources

Covid-19 and the Mortgage Industry

The pandemic continues to impact the mortgage industry in unique ways, but experts are beginning to identify lessons learned and make near-term predictions.

We recently conducted a panel discussion with a group of those experts to get a sense of where we are and where we could be heading as the recovery begins.

Watch video here.

Forbearance Management during Covid-19

The CARES Act (the multi-trillion dollar relief package passed by Congress in the early days of the pandemic lockdown) allowed borrowers with federally backed mortgages to request temporary loan forbearance. That period has long since ended.

Managing forbearance can be a tricky, complicated process. Saxony’s Financial Services team helps you leverage tools and workflows to smooth the process.

Improving Portfolio Visibility

Mortgage lenders and private equity firms each have something in common right now – the need for greater visibility into their portfolio of assets. On the mortgage side, it’s measuring exposure to forbearance and/or defaults resulting from the suddenly shaky economy. For private equity, it’s determining which assets are over- or under- performing.

Saxony’s team of technologists and industry experts leverages reporting and analytics tools to give you the clear picture you need.

Yardi Resources

Manage Rent Deferrals

Yardi has has released a software update to help residential and multifamily managers track and manage rent deferrals (and eventual recoveries) related to the ongoing economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. The update allows for total online functionality, allowing your employees and customers to maintain social distance.

Our Yardi services team will help you install and utilize this very important software tool.

Remote Training Options

If your employees are remote, there’s still a way to ensure that they receive the critical Yardi training they need. Saxony’s Yardi services team offers remote training.

Remote training can be just as engaging for your employees as our in-person offerings. We are intentional about adapting to different learning styles and we provide frequent breaks to restore focus.

YASC Digital Booth

YASC East and YASC West, the annual Yardi conferences in Washington, D.C., and San Diego, both moved to an online format this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While we’re sad that we couldn’t see you and answer your Yardi questions in person, we have done the next best thing: we’ve digitized our booth!

Click below to access downloadable resources and to contact any of our Yardi experts for tips and advice.

Access the YASC Digital Booth.

Real Estate Resources

Fast Access to Trustworthy Data

There’s an urgent need right now for access to data – for reporting, for cost-containment, for visibility into how your business is functioning.

Siloed data, dirty or incomplete data, outdated software – we solve these issues by creating a comprehensive data strategy that aligns with your business processes and goals.

Be Productive, Even When Remote

Aggregating your data into a single source of truth, based in the cloud, gives staff the ability to access the information they need, even when they are remote.

Saxony’s digital team is helping companies make the move to the cloud. For those already in the cloud, we optimize their infrastructure and add new reporting and analytics capabilities.

Keep In-Flight Projects on Track

Under the current circumstances, it’s understandable that new projects may not be feasible. In that case, the priority shifts to ensuring that in-flight projects stay on schedule and on-budget.

Companies are leveraging Saxony’s deep real estate industry expertise and project management capabilities to keep their businesses running as usual.

Cloud and Digital Resources

Optimizing Cloud Architecture

Saxony was able to reduce monthly cloud spend for a financial services client by a factor of 10 – from $50,000 per month to $5,000. The secret? Making sure that the client’s cloud environment was right-sized for their business needs.

Surveys indicate that many medium and large-sized businesses are overspending on their cloud environment (on average, by 30 percent). Let our experienced technologists analyze your existing architecture, saving you money and improving your overall efficiency.

Prioritizing Customer Experience

The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing companies to communicate differently, both internally and externally. This creates challenges, sure – but the emphasis on timely, digital, customer-focused, multi-functional communication and seamless user experience offers new opportunities to expand your business and, perhaps, even embrace new offerings.

Saxony’s expertise in user experience and design is helping clients conquer these challenges and navigate the new opportunities.

Providing Expertise with Azure and AWS

At Saxony Partners, we have deep experience working within Microsoft Azure and AWS environments, as well as Google Cloud.

Companies can benefit tremendously from the flexibility that cloud environments offer, regardless of what industry they serve, and no matter their size. We have deep expertise across all the major cloud platforms – meaning that we can help your company no matter which software ecosystem (Microsoft, Google, or Amazon) you are operating within.

Do More With Your Data® in a Post-Pandemic World

Digital Strategy

Let’s align your business goals to technology solutions that will help you accomplish them. We meet you where you are now and develop a plan for where you want to go.


Aggregate all of your critical data into a cloud-based, secure database that can be accessed anywhere, whether you’re in the office or sheltered in place.


When your data is aggregated into a secure database, inaccuracies can be spotted and corrected. Then, you can make decisions based on trustworthy data.


With your data safely aggregated in the cloud, you can take advantage of reporting and analytics tools designed to help you turn your data into a competitive advantage.