Creating a Modernized Intranet


A world leader in corporate tax services launched a strategic initiative to modernize its corporate intranet. ​They wanted a clean and functional design that provided  consistent branding, a better search experience, and easy access to important documents and tools from mobile devices.


This client’s intranet had become dated aesthetically and grown unchecked without proper governance.  They wanted to align their public messaging and brand to internal employees, organize and refresh content, and ensure a user-friendly experience. Being a tax services company, they held on to documents cluttering their libraries and making it difficult for employees to find specific information.

They reached out to Saxony Partners to provide expertise in design, best practices in organizing content, custom development, and to help them migrate to a new platform efficiently.  The project involved performing a content inventory, creating structure and taxonomy that made sense to their employees, implementing a more usable search experience, making their corporate intranet available via mobile devices, and establishing a scalable architecture for future growth.​


Our in-house UX/UI team created a design that took advantage of corporate branding investments aimed at their customers to provide a consistent image and messaging to internal employees and worked on whatever device they may be using from huge desktop monitors to smartphones.

Since employees were having issues finding information, our team created a process to work with stakeholders to clean up and organize content. We created site templates to apply design and structure to each department or group.  We automated the migration from the old site to the new site using ShareGate along with custom scripts.  The end result was a consistent experience that would allow employees to navigate or search for content they needed to do their job.

Finally, we optimized the intranet structure for mobile devices. The client wanted their employees to be able to access internal documents out in the field when meeting with external stakeholders, so this step was critical.


Our goal in this project was to create a corporate intranet that was specific to the culture of this particular client. We wanted to focus on the features their employees would utilize most frequently and meet their unique needs.

At the end of their contract with Saxony Partners, the client had a fully modernized design, logical information architecture, faster and easier access to their documents and internal contact information, and a mobile-friendly platform.