Digital Strategy, Modernization & Integration Projects for an Event Services Firm

Three projects that reimagined and modernized key digital and technical tools across several departments for a respected, global company


A large, global event management and services firm reached out to Saxony Partners with several project needs – all of them coalescing around the themes of platform modernization, integration and digital strategy.

Initially brought on board in an advisory capacity, Saxony was quickly called upon to deliver some very specific solutions that impacted multiple departments and lines of business.


First, Saxony was tasked with upgrading the client’s proprietary event presentation tool, which was perhaps the most critical digital component of client’s event management process. The tool had been built years prior by a third-party developer and was supporting a variety of applications. In large part due to the age of the software and highly manual workflows, the presentation tool was presenting serious challenges for the company and their clients, negatively impacting relationships and profit margins.

Our team began an assessment to develop a clear picture of the company’s organizational and technological challenges, which helped determine the game plan for fixing those challenges. From there, our technologists determined that the presentation management tool needed an architectural re-design.

Leveraging APIs and utilizing leading-edge technologies (SQL Server and Angular, among others), Saxony was able to modernize the tool, simplifying the planning and management of the client’s events from start-to-finish. The client now had end-to-end control of presentation materials, real-time updates, and easy content distribution – all from a single application. Most important, the tool ensured that events always went off as planned.


As the event management tool project began to wind down, a new project request came from the client’s marketing department.

The client wanted to integrate their marketing automation tool, Marketo, into their Salesforce environment as part of a larger Demand Management strategy and implementation project. This integration would allow for more targeted, strategic communications between the client and their customers and vendors.

Saxony began by undertaking an assessment of the client’s marketing automation and customer data environment. Leveraging APIs, Saxony was easily able to connect Marketo with Salesforce, allowing marketing, sales ops, and IT to work together to deliver information to customers and vendors.


Finally, the client engaged Saxony in a project to overhaul and modernize its e-commerce platform. This was part of an overall goal to unify their technology stack and deliver a better experience for their customers and vendors.

The client’s legacy e-commerce platform was many years and several versions old. The heavy customizations it contained (to compensate for its age) made upgrades and improvements difficult to execute. Our client needed a flexible solution to address all the complexities that come with hosting and supporting thousands of shows worldwide.

Saxony immediately conducted stakeholder interviews to determine what the solution required, both from a business and technical perspective. From there, we worked with the client and vendor teams to overhaul and upgrade the platform. This included implementing a new web API that allowed other applications to connect with the e-commerce platform.

As a result, the new e-commerce platform delivered a much better experience for the client’s customers.

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