Our Core Values

Saxonites focus on five core values that make up the acronym A TEAM. We hire outstanding talent and cultivate a dynamic culture that allows us to function collaboratively as A TEAM – a team that does whatever it takes to deliver excellent results for our clients and business partners.

Always Do the Right Thing

Even when it's hard, even when it requires extra courage or extra work, our team will always do what's right.

Take Ownership

At Saxony, we encourage our employees to act like owners, not renters. Treat your colleagues, your clients, and your office space like you own it.


Every day, we want Saxonites to scan the horizon with an eye for opportunity, asking what they can do to move the needle for our clients and our company.


Simply put - Saxonites do what they say they will do. And if for some reason things don't go as planned, we own it and we fix it.

Make Work Fun

Yeah, sometimes work is stressful and serious. But more often, work can be fun. Life's too short. Enjoy a happy hour with your co-workers!


Speaking of Make Work Fun, we give our employees opportunities to form lasting friendships by regularly facilitating events in and out of the office. From our regular Saxony Beer Club happy hour, to our digital game days, to our legendary Quarterly Events, we strive to create a workplace environment that makes our staff excited to come to the office each day. That excitement spills over into our mission of providing excellent results on behalf of our clients.

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