Meet Yardi Consultant Iris Esguerra

From Yardi implementations to Krav Maga – Saxony’s Iris Esguerra does it all.

Since Saxony Partners added Iris Esguerra to the Yardi implementations team in November 2019, she has hit the ground running.

In her first week on the job, she implemented an online leasing tool for a client, trained them in how to use it, and helped the client win more business because of it. Iris embodies the client-focused spirit of the Yardi team, and of Saxony as a whole.

Iris said she was first attracted to Saxony because she “wanted to be a part of a diverse team of exceptional talent.”

And she brings plenty of her own talent to the table. Iris has more than 20 years of experience in the property management industry, including virtually everything related to Yardi – evaluation, architecture, implementation, training, and managing new Yardi releases and system upgrades. Over the years, Iris has formed strong relationships with Yardi. She has been featured and quoted in Yardi articles about CORE system upgrading, VendorCafé and ScreeningWorks Pro. She also spoke on a panel about Modernizing Your Traditional Training Program at Yardi’s annual YASC conference in Washington, D.C.

Before she became a respected Yardi expert, Iris started her career as a leasing consultant.

“I grew up in the real estate industry, so-to-speak,” Iris said. “I worked as a realtor in the early 2000s and did a stint managing HOAs. But mainly I have deep roots in multifamily.

Beginning in 1998, I started as a leasing consultant and worked my way up the ranks on-site, crossed over to corporate as a trainer, implementation specialist, business analyst, and system administrator – which eventually led me to consulting.”

Iris Esguerra

Saxony’s Iris Esguerra.

Iris said that journey she took to her career path gives her a unique perspective and allows her to empathize with clients.

“I know what it’s like to be the client,” Iris said. “I know how nerve wracking it is when implementing new software, being overwhelmed with getting staff sold and trained on new initiatives, and going live on a budget and against a deadline. I am able to take my past experiences and ease a client’s mind while ensuring business goals are met.”

Throughout her career in Yardi consulting, Iris said she has seen some common themes emerge. Typically, clients can struggle to initially set up their software correctly, and then they run into difficulties in training their staff to use it.

“When implementing a new product, not enough time is invested up front with resources and execution,” Iris said. “Firms are excited about Yardi and tend to rush it. Also, training is key to the success of any new initiative. Firms don’t put enough emphasis on the importance of training or provide a clear training pathway with expectations to hold individuals accountable.”

Iris believes that the Saxony team is highly qualified to solve these industry-wide problems and reduce the headaches real estate firms face with implementation.

“Since the Saxony team has a vast knowledge base and years of experience, we can provide realistic insight on what the implementation phase will look like, explain the value of why resources are needed and can provide up-to-date, best practice training.”

When she’s not empowering her Yardi consulting client, Iris is busy being a badass. She practices Krav Maga martial arts and occasionally teaches a sabre fencing class for beginners. She also prioritizes time with her loved ones and volunteers with the Central Carolinas chapter of Mental Health America.

When asked to explain the value behind her work on the Yardi consulting team at Saxony in a nutshell, Iris said real estate firms should always invest their best resources in such an integral business tool.

“Yardi isn’t just some database that your company chooses to spend thousands of dollars on,” Iris said. “Yardi is your resident that is paying their rent online. Yardi is your stakeholder looking at the performance of their asset. Yardi is your analytics team reviewing data to determine if a recent purchase was a sound investment.”

“You need a team of people that can ensure the database you choose is setup correctly, operates at peak performance, and that you are able to train your staff to make sure all these pieces (residential, investments, commercial, etc.) fit together and run smoothly.”