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Get to Know the Saxony Financial Services Team: Alex Fan

Alex Fan joined Saxony Partners in 2015 with one goal in mind: To solve challenges facing clients in the Financial Services industry.

“I’ve had the opportunity to see how many types of companies operate, from small mortgage companies to large global private equity firms,” Alex says. “And what makes this industry personally intriguing to me is the breadth of impact it has on people’s lives. It’s ubiquitous – we always have a piece of it with us, whether it’s an app on our phones or the cash in our pockets. With it, we can buy everything from a soft drink to a house.”

Alex Fan is the Vice President of the Financial Services practice at Saxony Partners.

As the Vice President of Saxony’s Financial Services practice, Alex is tasked with ensuring that Saxony delivers the value our clients expect and deserve. He and his team empower our client partners to grow and innovate through technical intervention, data strategy development, automation, and integration.

“I have a very logical mindset with a high focus on detail that allows me to frame up business problems and develop solutions,” Alex says. “I bounce between high-level solutioning and low-level details. It allows me to connect theoretical business impact and return-on-investment with the practical development and implementation of our solutions.”

With more than 12 years of experience in the consulting industry, you can be sure that Alex has tallied several notable success stories. But it was his extraordinary work with a Dallas-based mortgage lender that stands out as his proudest achievement since he became a Saxonite. (The lender must remain anonymous due to a non-disclosure agreement.)

“We brought on a firm that was really struggling, losing tens of millions of dollars,” Alex recalls. “We came in, did a business process review, did our due diligence – and we identified some business and technology changes we believed would right the ship.

“Long story short, they went from losing millions of dollars to break-even in 12 months. And by 18 months they were profitable. That was fantastic, but the best part was being able to see and feel the culture change that was happening in that company during this process. You could witness the employees becoming re-energized about the work they were doing.”

That holistic impact that results from business and technology consulting is one of the reasons that Alex chose to work at Saxony Partners.

“I find great purpose and fulfillment in the work we deliver to our clients,” Alex says. “I believe Saxony has some of the brightest, sharpest minds in the business – and using that knowledge to transform the ways companies operate their businesses is what keeps me engaged each day.”

Alex’s team at Saxony works daily to help clients turn their data into actionable information. Data-driven decision-making is more precise – leading to cost savings and increased efficiency.

“Saxony Partners has a unique value proposition of understanding how the industry works, what data is available, and how to utilize that data to make strategic business decisions,” Alex says. “It’s one thing to know how technology works, but it’s a next-level advancement to have the in-house industry expertise, too. That combination is what makes Saxony so unique.”

Outside of work, Alex enjoys spending time with the family. The Fans love music and spend a lot of time serving their church through its worship ministry. Additionally, Alex enjoys sharing professional and personal experiences and advice in various forms of mentorship within the community.

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