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Get to Know the Saxony Financial Services Team: Angel Armendariz

“Data is the most valuable enterprise asset which is still largely untapped by many organizations.” – Angel Armendariz

Angel Armendariz joined the team at Saxony Partners in 2018 as a business development executive for the Financial Services practice. He’s spent the past decade working in both the banking and mortgage industries.


At Saxony, Angel is tasked with helping his former colleagues in the Financial Services industry turn their raw data into action.

“Because of my background in the industry, I have a special familiarity that allows me to provide unique insights to clients,” Angel says. “It helps to have that front-line experience.”

Angel takes that industry experience and adds to it the digital expertise that Saxony provides, determining ways that companies can do more with their data through governance, process automation, and software integration.

Angel Armendariz of Saxony Partners.

“My goal is to become a trusted resource for firms in this space,” Angel says. “Most companies are interested in developing and building out their data and digital capabilities, but it’s not always clear how that should be done.”

Often, a company’s interest in building out a data strategy is reactive and not proactive – a response to a problem that has already begun to emerge. Whether he’s helping companies solve or prevent problems, Angel knows that the process begins by forging a relationship – and every good relationship needs a great listener.

“This business is full of fascinating people working on big problems,” Angel says. “I enjoy meeting people and learning about them and their company. What I’ve learned while listening is that many financial services firms are underperforming in some way.

“That’s good news and bad news. Obviously, no one wants to underperform – much less admit they are underperforming. But that’s an opportunity for us to help our clients do some great things.”

Of course, every company is different. A data or digital strategy that works for one may be a poor fit for another. Saxony offers its clients unique insight into what solutions should be most effective. For some, that’s an off-the-shelf fix – for others, a custom solution.

“This is the most talented group of people I’ve ever worked with,” Angel says. “They have all done great things with and for some of the most respected financial institutions in the industry. The benefit to our clients is that they don’t have to spend valuable time educating us on the basics of their industry.”

How to Connect?

Outside of the office, you’ll find Angel spending most of his free time with family. He’s a runner and a reader – and if you connect with him on LinkedIn, he’ll send you an invite to his monthly book club.

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