Get to Know the Saxony Financial Services Team: Michael Martin

“I really believe in the corporate vision of helping companies do more with their data.” – Michael Martin

After more than a decade of direct experience in the Financial Services industry, Michael Martin joined Saxony Partners in November 2018 as a senior manager.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brand names in banking, and over the years have solved many challenging problems involving financial data of all stripes,” Michael says. “Saxony is a company that leverages its employees’ rich experiences in solving those problems to provide an essential service to our clients.”

As a senior manager for Financial Services, Michael is tasked with a multitude of responsibilities – from client engagement, to solution architecture, to management consulting. He typically partners with officers and executives in the banking and non-depository Financial Services space to assist in creating data strategies, problem solving with data-driven solutions, and ensuring that the Saxony team delivers exceptional results.

Michael Martin of Saxony Partners

Prior to joining Saxony Partners, Michael held officer positions at JPMorgan Chase, Mr. Cooper, and U.S. Bank.

“The level of responsibility I had at those firms gives me a unique window into the organizational challenges the clients I’m working with are facing,” Michael says. “I spend a lot of time with C-level executives because they typically have the decision-making latitude, industry awareness, and are currently tasked with tackling the challenges my group specializes in. It requires both business and technical acumen to operate at that level, but it also typically requires significant investment in leadership training and emotional intelligence.”

The types of problems that Michael is helping these firms solve are challenging and complex, but they are not unique to the industry and technology experts at Saxony Partners.

“I’ve found that most of the common data problems companies face are, well, common. They probably aren’t as novel or as challenging as they seem on the surface. In fact, your data problems are likely pervasive throughout the industry category you belong to.

“This means they have probably already been solved before. In fact, there likely are some consultants out there who have solved your exact problem so many times, that chances are good that they can do it cheaper, faster, and with far fewer headaches than you might be able to yourself. And that’s really the value of partnering with a firm like Saxony Partners.”

Outside the office, you’ll find Michael playing with his young son, and then working on his masters in cybersecurity from University of Dallas.

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