Charge Capture Solution for a Physicians Group

A specialty physicians group worked with Saxony Partners to develop a custom charge capture system


A specialty physicians group that works primarily within intensive care units wanted a charge capture system that worked. They had reason to believe that they were leaving money on the table because of their inefficient billing process, but they couldn’t confirm that, because they lacked visibility into their workflows.

By the time the group reached out to the Saxony Healthcare team, they had tried what they could to improve charge capture on their own. After an initial meeting and needs assessment, the plan took shape. We would build a custom charge capture system. We would assess and clarify workflows. We would audit and measure user experience. And we would help them do more with their data.


During the early goal-setting meetings, the Saxony team drilled down into specific functionalities that the client wanted from this digital strategy project. Saxony needed to devise a charge capture system that was modeled on existing processes – beginning the moment that a patient’s info is captured, all the way through to billing. The system needed to be tailor-made for work in ICUs. It needed to be mobile-friendly, and it needed to work across a number of different devices (not just iOS or just Android).

Over the next several weeks, the development and delivery team went to work customizing the charge capture system. They delivered a customized, web-based application that linked directly to the electronic medical records (EMR) database, the existing accounting platform, and the billing system. It was mobile and multi-device friendly.

Now, from the moment a keystoke was made within the EMR, essential data was captured by the system. All of the patient data, all of the services provided by the doctors, all automatically documented. This, instead of paper notes, is what the billing team received. This modernized approach made it much easier to double-check coding and ensure billing is accurate.


Before, the client had little visibility into their own finance and budget status, struggling to forecast income month-to-month. The new charge capture system instantly provided visibility into their business processes, improved efficiency, and reduced denials. The group’s doctors are becoming more comfortable using the system. Workflows have become simplified. And they are getting paid quicker by their payers.

Here are some additional benefits that were realized:

  • The system was designed with the physicians in mind

  • Increased accuracy and timeliness of provider recording charges

  • Complete and accurate data ensured that all fees were being billed

  • Clarity into account receivable reporting made an impact on the bottom line

  • User-friendly design was intuitive, making it easy to input charges on a timely basis

  • Reporting was more robust and accurate, because there was more data available

  • The mobile web application eliminated technical friction

  • System Usability Score: 77 (70.5 median across many tests)

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