Large Healthcare Firm Prioritizes Customer Experience

A large healthcare firm upgrades its 16-year-old customer portal and undergoes a UX/UI transformation


A large healthcare firm providing coordination of benefits, payment support, and care management for private and public payers, was struggling to bring its very outdated customer portal into the modern age. This old technology was creating inefficiencies for staff and creating user experience challenges for clients.

They enlisted Saxony Partners to do a thorough business process review and technology assessment. From that assessment, the decision was made to build out a new, modern customer portal with increased functionality that would reduce costs, simplify processes for internal and external users, and improve the overall user experience.


First, Saxony interviewed users of the existing portal. What we heard was not encouraging.

They said it was slow: “I don’t understand why I have to wait so long for my account to be created. I’ll just mail the information, instead.” They said it wasn’t user friendly: “it didn’t tell me that the file was still uploading.” They said they had trouble logging-in: “I was told I entered my registration information incorrectly.”

Next, the Saxony team spent two weeks undertaking additional research and executing a rapid prototyping exercise. They identified the key issues with the current portal: slow registration, high rates of error messages, the need for unnecessary support calls, confusing navigation, and inefficient workflows.

They also got to the root cause of many of these issues: At the time of the audit and prototyping, the platform and core architecture supporting it were both 16 years old. The original technology was not built to scale and evolve, and as the company grew organically and by acquisition, they filled gaps with temporary fixes, Band-Aids, and other shortcuts.

It was decided that the client needed an immediate modernization of the platform and its core architecture to address outdated technology, recalibrate user experience, and transform internal and external client interactions.


Armed with a wish list from the client related to capabilities they wanted for the internal and external stakeholders, Saxony’s team got to work. Over the next several months, the clock was turned forward.

Providers and clients gained access to new dashboards for better visibility, streamlined workflows to complete their outstanding tasks, and acquired more robust auditing tools and support options. Introducing single sign-on shortened time to enter information into the application. Modern architecture improved search and navigation, and new technology was built with future business needs in mind – thus eliminating the possibility of another 16-year-old time capsule in the future.


The client now has a modern, faster, customized, scalable portal application. The new platform has already made a significant impact on customers, staff, and the bottom line. Conservative estimates started at $600,000 annually in increased productivity and efficiency among client employees and their customers and partners.

Here are some additional benefits that were realized:

  • Faster architecture and tools increased efficiencies for customers and internal staff and resulted in higher client and partner satisfaction

  • Onboarding new users was more efficient, simple

  • Reduction in manual effort for data submissions, claim reviews, approvals for providers, clients, MCO’s / State RAC, Commercial Insurers and carriers.

  • Reduced clicks, fewer mailed in documents to process, and better navigation set stage for simple sign-on, accessibility improvements (508 Compliance), and many efficiency enhancements

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