3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Saxony Partners for Yardi Consulting Services

If you work in real estate property management, then it’s a safe bet that Yardi software is an essential component of your business. It’s also safe to assume that you have questions about Yardi implementation, training, upgrades, and functionality. 

This is where Yardi independent consultants come in. These companies can dive deep into your specific business needs and challenges and provide expert guidance for Yardi-related issues. But how do you know which independent Yardi consultant is right for you? 

Here are a few reasons why we believe our team of Yardi consultants is head-and-shoulders above our competitors.

We know the industry.

All consultants should be proficient with Yardi’s software, but some of your Yardi challenges may be related to business processes – not just the software platform. This is where the Saxony team adds unique value. Collectively, our team members have decades of hands-on experience in property management that preceded their career-shift to Yardi consulting. 

In short – we understand your business needs and concerns, and we know that accomplishing your goals takes a combination of people, process, and technology – not just technology alone.

For example, Saxony Partners Senior Yardi Consultant Iris Esguerra has more than 20 years of experience in the property management industry. She began her career as a leasing consultant, then worked as a realtor and HOA manager. She then became a corporate trainer and implementation specialist who worked to help other team members use Yardi software correctly. Today, Iris is putting that context and experience to use on behalf of our clients as a new member of our Yardi consulting team.

“I know what it’s like to be the client,” Esguerra said. “I know how nerve wracking it is when you’re implementing new software, being overwhelmed with getting staff sold and trained on new initiatives, and going live on a budget and against a deadline. I am able to take those past experiences and ease a client’s mind, while ensuring their business goals are met.”

While Iris’ background makes her unique in the consulting industry, she is one of several consultants here at Saxony with direct industry experience. 

We know the technology.

Yes, we consider hands-on experience in the real estate industry to be the key differentiator for our Yardi consultants. But that doesn’t mean we sacrifice technology expertise. 

Our consulting team has helped countless companies organize their business processes, implement Yardi software and modules, streamline reporting, and more. Our team begins with an in-depth business process review, before assessing and recommending what Yardi modules and add-ons are needed. Then, we begin the process of software implementation, followed by the integration of the software within the company’s existing technology environment. Staff training is next and, finally, on-going support.

Saxony Manager and Yardi Specialist Anne Escobedo said real estate companies often need the most help following Yardi best practices, which are typically addressed during the staff training phase.

“We have been doing this long enough to know all of the best practices,” Escobedo said. “Since each real estate firm uses Yardi a little differently, the best practices differ according to their unique needs. We can help your company determine the best practices for the Yardi modules you use most and train your team to stick to them.”

Senior Yardi Consultant Trent Magill said training is often a daunting task for real estate employees who need to focus more on their day-to-day responsibilities and less on becoming software experts. This is where the value of consulting really comes in.

“A lot of people don’t have a Yardi expert on staff,” Magill said. “Having a partner that you can trust is really helpful. I promise you that the benefits outweigh any cost concerns you have.”

We have a proven track record.

The Saxony Partners Yardi team is recognized as a leader in the industry. Our firm has partnered with real estate companies large and small, domestic and international, to implement and utilize Yardi software and improve their business practices. From full-scale Yardi implementations, to solving specific Yardi-related issues – our team has consistently delivered outstanding results on behalf of our clients.

Want to know more? Touchbase with us today. Our industry experts want to help your business reach its full potential this year.

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