HousingWire Features Saxony’s Angel Armendariz in Mortgage Data Article

Angel Armendariz writes about how mortgage companies can benefit from creating a comprehensive data strategy.

The leading news resource for the U.S. mortgage industry has published an article on mortgage data strategy by Saxony’s Angel Armendariz.

“2020 – The Race to Digital Supremacy” gives an overview of the key components of a mortgage data ecosystem, the steps every firm should take to ensure data security and compliance, and how a comprehensive data strategy can benefit both internal and external clients.

“The realization that digital is the default landscape of the mortgage business has reached a consensus,” Armendariz writes. “Still, many executives remain hesitant to invest deeply in digital transformations and initiatives.

“This hesitancy may be due, at least in part, to a lack of knowledge regarding the expertise needed to develop and execute digital initiatives.”

Armendariz joined Saxony Partners’ Financial Services practice in 2018. He has spent the past decade working in the banking and mortgage industry.

“Because of my background in the industry, I have a special familiarity that allows me to provide unique insights to clients,” Angel says. “It helps to have that front-line experience.”

Saxony Partners is a full-service business and technology consulting firm serving the financial services industry. The firm is staffed both by industry experts and technology implementors – meaning that Saxony intrinsically understands the mortgage industry, and knows how to build and implement the digital strategy our consultants recommend.

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