Yardi Q&A: How do you extract Yardi data to Azure SQL?

Reddit, the community-minded site that bills itself as “the front page of the Internet” is useful for more than just stock (excuse us, stonk) tips. It can help users answer some vexing questions related to Yardi software.

There’s a subreddit – r/yardi – where general users of the software can hive-mind answers related to reporting, modules, and other Yardi-focused questions.

Saxony’s Yardi team has been keeping tabs on some of the questions users have been asking to see if we can help. One from user Stsh1234 caught our eye: “Hi, we have a requirement to extract data from Yardi to Azure SQL database. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.”

Well, Stsh1234, we can help.

I reached out to Saxony’s Eli Le, a member of our Yardi services delivery team and an expert on Yardi and commercial real estate reporting. Eli has been with Saxony since 2017 and has vast experience in SQL, SSRS, SSIS, and Power BI.

Here’s his advice: “As of right now, extracting Yardi data to Azure SQL server requires asking Yardi for a backup of your data on a scheduled interval. When you make this request, Yardi will typically send you backups and logs. Once you receive those, you’ll need to process these backups and logs onto an intermediary server. After that, you can begin to pipe the data from that server onto your Azure SQL server instance.”

Other Real Estate Reporting Solutions 

Beyond just extracting data from Yardi (or other types of real estate software), Eli and the rest of Saxony’s team of experts can help you report on and analyze your data. That includes SSRS reports – which Stsh1234 also asked about in her thread.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) provides a high-degree of control for formatting, and is frequently used to create pixel-perfect, paginated reports. It provides clients the flexibility in how data is displayed and how users can interact with the report.

Eli and team can work with you to develop SSRS reports, as well as many other types of reporting services. You can read more about that here.

Yardi Managed Services

Speaking of Yardi reporting, that’s just one of many offerings available from our team here at Saxony Partners.

We provide managed services to help empower our clients to utilize Yardi to its full capacity. When you have a partner you can trust to correctly implement modules, train new staff, and troubleshoot problems, your organization will be armed with all the tools you need to be successful.

Here is an overview of the Yardi Managed Services we offer at Saxony Partners. If you have any questions – related or not to how to extract Yardi data – we’re here to help. See you in the subreddits.

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