Improved Business Visibility for a Large Restaurant Chain

Due to the demands of a successful IPO, a restaurant chain needed accurate daily sales data from its hundreds of franchises.


A restaurant chain with more than 1,000 locations worldwide had just gone public. It now had to comply with government regulations around financial data transparency. They enlisted Saxony Partners to develop a daily sales dashboard, providing never-before-seen visibility and insight into how each franchise location was performing.


A thorough business process review revealed the unique challenges that the client faced as they tried to gain more nuanced visibility into their location-by-location sales performance. Some locations were owned by the corporate office, others were part of a larger franchise ownership group, still others were stand-alone locations owned by a single operator.

The lack of standardization in ownership extended to technology, as well. Four different point-of-sales systems were in use across the company’s footprint – each with different polling processes and different ways of exporting data. What data was collected was being aggregated into a Microsoft Access application that was a decade old.

Saxony’s digital team surmised that the client needed a single dashboard where one could see and analyze sales information from each location across the franchise network. The dashboard would allow decision makers to see precisely where they were missing data, or where certain data points didn’t add up. It would provide dynamic views highlighting franchises that were over- and under-performing versus other stories in the market, system-wide, or based on statistical predictions.

In order to navigate the complicated landscape of different POS platforms and other third-party applications (online ordering, for example), the dashboard would be flexible enough to integrate seamlessly into the company’s existing technology stack.

The dashboard would allow users to quickly review data and make corrections where needed. And it would provide audit trails of overrides and adjustments, as mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.


Here’s the big takeaway: Saxony delivered a dashboard that provided rich visibility into each of the company’s franchise locations, ensuring that daily sales values were accurate and complaint with laws governing public companies.

Here are some bottom-line impacts:

  • For the first time, the company could see what locations were over-performing, performing as expected, or underperforming in daily sales.
  • The final product worked seamlessly across POS and OLO systems, not disrupting the company’s existing technology landscape.
  • The application allowed the company’s finance team to have greater control in driving accurate franchise sales data, improving royalties revenue.
  • The client now has the detailed audit trail of sales/royalties data, overrides, and adjustments need to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements​.
  • The enhanced visibility into franchise-specific performance set the stage for continuous improvement in sales strategy and revenue.