Efficient Investment Management Onboarding

Always be prepared in a constantly changing investment environment by configuring Yardi Investment Suite for your specific needs. We know that investors change entity ownership consistently, so having a solid foundation for your onboarding process is the best way to keep investments on track. Our team takes the time to understand your needs to create a process within Yardi to act as the cornerstone for all your reporting, providing your investors with the transparency they require.

Strengthen Your Team

The management of an investment portfolio requires unique approaches. Make sure your team is ready to handle business essentials related to your investments with assistance from our team of experts.

Investment Accountant Training

A critical piece for successful investor relationships is having the right team with the right knowledge. Our team trains investment accountants to handle the custom nature of investment reporting from day-to-day operations through quarterly reporting cycles. This ensures that your investment accountants understand how to handle your specific investment needs. With the right training for your team, you have answers before your investors ask questions.

Investment Management System Training

Generic Yardi system training often leads to more questions than answers. Investment management is such a custom industry; everyone manages their investments and reports differently. Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it on training that does not apply to your investment needs. Our team recognizes that investment management is a custom process enabled by the Yardi IM solution. Individualized end-user training lays the foundation for optimal investment management and performance.

Custom Training Documentation

Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to memorize all the information we uncover for you. Rather, our experts will create and provide custom documentation that you can refer to that includes definitions, step-by-step concepts of investment accounting, individualized instructions that guide you through your Yardi system’s troubleshooting and more. Whether you’re looking for a visual representation such as PowerPoint, a quick-reference guide, or long-form documentation, our experts will design documentation that fits your needs.

System-Level Configuration Assessment

Revealing the necessary steps to reach your goals is essential. With our team’s assessment and analysis of your Yardi system configuration, we find the gaps in your business processes that limit your performance. We have experts in specific core areas of Yardi that ensure your system is aligned with Yardi’s best practices and is optimized for what you need. Then, we’ll provide you with the instructions needed to streamline your processes that your fund accountants complete daily, monthly and quarterly. All our findings and solutions will be provided to you in an individualized document that you can reference at any time.

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