What We Learned at YASC Global This Year

What We Learned at YASC Global This Year

Our team at Saxony Partners loved connecting with other Yardi professionals and learning more about the future of Yardi at YASC Global 2021. More than 17,000 participants spanning 64 different countries attended online with us.

One of the key focal points in Yardi’s presentations this year was RentCafé Reach, Yardi’s digital marketing suite. Here are our biggest takeaways from YASC Global 2021.

Yardi RentCafé Reach Key Points at YASC Global

Improving Marketing ROI

Yardi’s RentCafé Reach suite hopes to make digital marketing more accessible to property management professionals. It serves as a property management-specific digital marketing agency, a content management system, an SEO editor, and an analytics tool all wrapped into one module. The goal is to simplify marketing to the extent that it improves ROI for property management firms.

Property Management Digital Strategy

RentCafé Reach helps firms create and control their brand image, increase digital traffic to their website and social channels, and make their leasing business models more flexible by leveraging self-scheduled and self-guided tours. The ultimate goal of RentCafé Reach is to usher property management firms into the digital age and modernize their marketing for a digital audience.

Historically, the property management industry has always relied on human interaction face-to-face. But now that there’s a heightened focus on virtual and digital interaction, more companies are looking for opportunities to use Yardi to enhance the customer’s digital experience.

“Saxony’s team of Yardi experts can help you explore the functionality and capability of your current modules and help identify more opportunities to engage with your potential and current clients virtually,” says Megan Stuesser, Senior Yardi Consultant at Saxony Partners.

Looking to the Future

Even with Covid-19 vaccination rates climbing and meeting in-person becoming safer, the idea of bringing property management up to speed for modern customers in a digital era isn’t going anywhere.

As Millennial and Gen Z consumers enter the property market, they expect more virtual options and digital messaging. Even older generations are increasingly looking to the digital horizon after a year and a half of becoming increasingly comfortable utilizing technology in creative ways. Yardi knows this, and they are staying abreast of this worldwide shift to digital solutions. We’re excited to hear more about Yardi’s digital strategy capabilities next year at YASC Global 2022.

We hope to see you at the next YASC Global! In the meantime, if you have questions about how to improve your digital strategy with Yardi tools, reach out to us at Saxony Partners.