Meet Alison Peterson: Director of Saxony Partners’ Digital Practice

When Alison Peterson joined the team at Saxony Partners at the beginning of 2020, she did so with an overarching goal: to grow professionally and to help others grow alongside her.

And 2020 offered plenty of opportunity for personal growth – Peterson had to adjust to her brand-new role as the Director of Saxony’s Digital Practice in the midst of a global pandemic. But with resilience and creativity, she still found opportunities to help new clients achieve their goals with data and technology.

“Building relationships and creating valuable partnerships is the foundation to my work at Saxony,” Peterson says.

“I have always enjoyed making a connection with others and developing relationships.  Even at a young age I was told that I’ve never met a stranger, and I know that holds true today.  Establishing a solid foundation in a trust-filled relationship is essential to me.  It’s there that you can build and develop some incredible things, and it’s important to me that those I work with feel heard.”

In addition to her ability to build connections with others, Peterson brings plenty of technical expertise to her role as well. Innovative thinking is another one of the reasons she chose to transition to Saxony for the next chapter of her career.

“Having worked in technology for almost 14 years, I’ve become more and more intrigued by the ever-evolving technology world,” Peter says. “To be successful, you must be dynamic and eager to continuously learn.  Saxony’s approach incorporates a mindset that welcomes change and transformation but is stabilized in its foundation of where it all began, in data and digital strategy.”

In her very first year as a Saxony team member, Peterson was recognized for her commitment to stepping up to the plate wherever she was needed. She was received the Melinda Gates Award for Teamwork for her efforts to help staff a huge wave of upcoming projects – a responsibility that went above and beyond her job description.

“Receiving the Melinda Gates Award for Teamwork was my proudest achievement since I started working for Saxony,” Peterson says. “It was a true collective effort by the entire team to bring 13 new employees to Saxony and ultimately come through for our clients.”

Going above and beyond for clients has always been an integral part of Saxony’s ideology, and Peterson has embraced it fully.

“I knew when coming to work for Saxony that I would be surrounded by people that would push me for the better,” Peterson says.

“I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to loftier goals in my next opportunity, and Saxony has given me the opportunity to work with some of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met.”

What Peterson believes is special about the Saxony Partners Digital Team is the commitment to identifying specific core needs and solving problems with unique technology solutions.

“At Saxony, understanding our clients’ business initiatives and objectives is critical, as we have a business first, technology second approach,” Peterson said. “Making digital practical means leveraging modern technology solutions to help you achieve your business goals, with a focus on a quick return on investment.”

When she isn’t busy helping clients achieve their digital goals, you can find Peterson spending time with her two sons (ages 5 and 2) and her husband, traveling, cheering on the SMU Mustangs and New Orleans Saints, and frequenting Texas country concerts.

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