.NET Development with Saxony Partners

.NET development offers opportunities to lower costs and scale for future growth. Here’ s how our team of digital consultants at Saxony Partners can help you utilize .NET successfully.

Why .NET?

Access to existing resources means faster build time.

.NET is a mature framework that provides numerous libraries containing solutions to many common problems. Therefore, with .NET, you can spend more time building out features and less time building out infrastructure. In addition to the abundance of technical documentation from Microsoft, the online community support is expanding. The .NET community continues to grow as more people take advantage of the free training and knowledge sharing it affords. This means there is a plethora of engineers versed in .NET contributing to the shared resources available for this framework.

Connectivity of third-party applications means flexibility for future growth.

While you can write your own libraries with Visual Studio, .NET easily works with third-party repositories. This modularity offers a wider range of unique features available as you build out your application. Furthermore, the variety of applications that work well with .NET allows for flexibility as you ready your product for a move to a cloud environment. Starting with a framework that is as flexible as .NET allows you to scale with ease.

Established history offers wider selection of engineers means lower labor cost.

Originally launched by Microsoft in 2002, the .NET ecosystem continues to expand. A non-profit organization, the .NET Foundation was even formed to evangelize and foster collaboration for this open-source technology. Your advantage? A wider selection of engineers from which to choose. Instead of picking an obscure language, choose .NET to build your solution.

Why Saxony Partners?

We are active in .NET development.

Saxony’s app dev team has done .NET work spanning all of our industry verticals (Real Estate, Financial Services, Healthcare, Digital) and a whole host of subindustries. We offer:

  • Expanded feature capabilities of their video asset database for a large technology service provider
  • Enhanced development pipeline and recommended best practices for one of the world’s largest insurance and financial services firms
  • Improved platform functionality for the largest event services firm in the country
  • Developed product features for a large and globally focused private equity firm
  • Supported Azure migration for a large real estate management firm

We keep your code clean.

We live in a highly competitive environment, and we understand you want to build things fast to surpass your competition. But when factoring turnover rate within your labor force and the speed of development necessary for your product to maintain the demands of your market, it is no surprise if you accumulate technical debt. Writing bad code is a primary culprit behind technical debt. Saxony experts can tidy up your code from previous vendors to prepare for your next set of enhancements.

We have the experts.

Saxony Partners is on your side. We hire people from the industries we serve, and we pair them with talented technology experts to deliver speed-to-value. We work with you to understand your business challenges and we build right-sized technology solutions to solve them. Our goal is to be your best player and favorite coach in the process by implementing the solution collaboratively and empowering you to maintain and scale it as you grow your business.