Get to Know the Saxony Healthcare Team: Pitts Pichetsurnthorn

“I’m a problem-solver at heart – I love rolling up my sleeves and using creativity to find the ideal solution.” 

Considering the abundant opportunities for problem-solving in the healthcare space, it’s safe to say that Pitts is at the right company and on the right team.  

Pichetsurnthorn – we’re going to go with Pitts, for short – started working as a manager of consulting at Saxony Partners in 2018. He brings with him a wealth of experience focused on bridging the gap between business processes and technical capability in healthcare. That experience is key to Saxony’s burgeoning healthcare practice, which is already working with some of the largest players in the industry.   

“I’m currently managing a large Enterprise Portal project,” Pitts says. “This includes project management activities, as well as Scrum Master responsibilities for a completely custom solution. We’re overhauling six internal applications at this company, all centered around medical claims management and processing.”   

Saxony Partners’ Pitts Pichetsurnthorn

During his career of healthcare problem solving, Pitts has seen some common causes.  

“The underlying commonality between all of these systems is data,” Pitts says. “Patient data, billing data, diagnostic data, encounter data. The systems and solutions just provide a way to manage, manipulate, and transfer the data from one place to another.” 

Examining those systems and building solutions – either through people and process, or by some technology intervention – is one of Saxony Partners’ value propositions.  

“I like where we are headed in terms of healthcare strategy,” Pitts says. “As experts in the data field, I believe Saxony can empower healthcare clients to own their data. Regardless of the type of data, I believe we can help make sense of the petabytes of data that is generated within the walls of a health system.” 

Pitts joined Saxony Partners from RPI Consultants, where he served as a senior solutions architect, primarily working with healthcare clients. He’s a graduate of the University of Kansas, and his dog Tofu has almost 5,000 Instagram followers.    

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