Real Estate Reporting with Saxony Partners

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Real Estate Reporting with Saxony Partners

At Saxony Partners, we hire employees directly from the real estate industry to ensure we consistently anticipate and deliver on the needs real estate firms are facing every day. We have empowered countless real estate clients to use their own data as a competitive advantage, and it all starts with accurate, accessible reporting.

Here are some of the real estate reporting services we optimize and deliver for our clients.

Real Estate Reporting Services

Drill-down Reports – Drill-down reports show data at various levels of detail, allowing clients to see aggregated data with the ability to drill-down to the detailed data that makes up an aggregated value.  

Dashboards – Our clients use dashboards as a single place to track, interact with, and act on important KPIs and metrics.  

SSRS – SSRS provides a high-degree of control for formatting, and is frequently used to create pixel-perfect, paginated reports.  SSRS provides our clients the flexibility in how data is displayed and how users can interact with the report. Our clients find it is a great option and can typically be developed and deployed quickly.

YSR –  Many clients choose YSR because it is a great tool that can incorporate specific data points into a coalesced report that may be automated for daily, weekly or monthly delivery for your asset management or executives’ review. Saxony delivers the programming that our clients need to put their best foot forward.

Financial Custom Analytics  Custom Analytics allow our clients to build upon Yardi’s provided report templates and add their own programming to present data exactly how they want. It creates the ability to drill down on the data provided, and can be exported to Excel or PDF. Custom Analytics is one of the quickest ways to customize your data into a report.

FillDocs – FillDocs offers users flexible formatting and the ability to use custom documents like company specific lease documents, notices and statements. Our developers can merge your Yardi data into Word and PDF documents with complex formatting, as needed.

Correspondence – We assist clients with their use of Yardi Correspondence for a wide array of topics throughout each month. From rent reminders to community updates, Yardi Correspondence takes on the heavy lifting of notifying your residents about important updates.

Do More With Your Data

One of the most common pain points we find within real estate firms is incomplete reporting. If too few employees know how to execute your reporting process correctly, the quality of your reporting and your overall business continuity is in jeopardy. If your reporting is inaccessible or inaccurate, your investor confidence will plummet. You won’t be able to maximize on any of the data you’re collecting.

Fast access to reliable data can change the game for your real estate firm. Prioritizing accurate reporting will help your business to establish trust. When your reporting is customized to your unique needs, you will have better visibility into your organization, and you will be better equipped to forecast and ultimately increase revenue.

If your organization is searching for real estate reporting solutions, reach out to us at https://www.saxonypartners.com/real-estate/.