Data Aggregation Solution for a Global Real Estate Firm

An investment real estate firm with operations across 12 countries needed a custom solution for their disparate data


The client, a large real estate investment firm, needed a solution for aggregating, synchronizing, and validating volumes of data from many different sources. Moreover, they needed Saxony to help them establish a plan for data governance, documentation, and verification.


For the client, tracking down the data they needed for regular reporting was a chore. Name a critical data point – tracking deals under pursuit, deals won, asset management data – and there was a labor-intensive process employed to track it down. Relative files, such offering memos, underwriting models, and sensitive legal documents were distributed across various file shares and local desktops.

Employees spent hours per week manually compiling and consolidating data for Executive Committees and operational reporting. There was very limited integration between their systems, if any at all.

In addition, the lack of a single source of truth made it practically impossible to enforce any rules around data governance, which required staff to invest even more manual effort to ensure the data they pulled was correct.

Saxony arrived on-site to execute a full assessment of business processes, sources of data, and existing technology. From that review, we determined that the client needed to address the data governance issue first. With that in mind, we began by designing and implementing a robust, role-based security model with user-driven content delivery.

Then, there obviously needed to be a new, secure, centralized document repository – a single source of truth. And considering that many of the data sources were within the Microsoft environment, we decided to build that environment using SharePoint.

Saxony worked with the various end-users to create the platform and customize it to the client’s specific needs. As anyone who uses SharePoint can attest, the search feature is absolutely critical. Therefore, Saxony’s techologists took the time necessary to develop robust search functionality.

Once the environment was built and met with the stakeholders’ expectations, Saxony’s team began an automated migration of existing documents into the new SharePoint environment.


Immediately, the client could easily upload and/or find key asset-level documents across their entire portfolio from a single access point. This saved countless staff hours, which could be re-invested into higher and better uses. With data siloes eliminated, collaboration and communication among teams improved. Decision-making was done in a timely fashion. Data governance was no longer a glaring issue – proper security for key investor documentation was enabled.

All of this, built within a familiar software environment that integrated seamlessly with existing data sources.

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