Real Estate Services Data Model

A real estate industry giant needs a custom info/data model to support their reporting and analytics platform


One of the world’s largest real estate services organizations asked Saxony to build a data model robust enough to support their core business processes. And they needed it done in less than a month.


The client needed a model that represented a unified structure for the data they had stored in software platforms such as Yardi, Argus, and other source systems of real estate data. In order to do so, Saxony would need to develop a full understanding of those source systems, as well as the data-driven decisions the client hoped to make once the model was operational.

That’s where Saxony’s team began – by reviewing existing requirements and process flows, and by interviewing key stakeholders. With the core business segments and processes identified, and key data points enumerated, work began on building the model.

In just two weeks, the Saxony team constructed the model that could store data pulled from the third-party source systems, including Yardi and Argus. This new data model spanned an extraordinary scope of the client’s business – underwriting, property accounting, fund accounting, fund performance, property performance, and valuations.


The client was able to leverage both our Real Estate industry and technology expertise to jumpstart the project and ensure it was done on time​. In four weeks, Saxony provided a physical data model, logical data model, and queries from key source systems, saving the client months of time and greatly improving efficiency.

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