Reimagining Data Security and Artistry for a Psychometric Tech Company

A leading SaaS company that unlocks the power of data to design, motivate, and lead teams to achieve record-setting goals engaged Saxony to modernize their technology platform. Although the algorithm, which analyzes core traits for client employees and potential hires, was spot-on, the software was not user-friendly and prevented clients from adopting their services fully. Saxony’s experts redeveloped the platform into a modern technology stack for better usability, moved it to the cloud, and implemented necessary security measures to keep their data safe. The company has grown over 70% since the launch of the new platform in 2020.

The Project

Saxony followed a user-centric design methodology and actively engaged the market for feedback about the current platform. We found that there are three primary user groups– customer users, corporate licensees, and corporate users. The volume of users and the unique permission requirements for this platform made this challenging from a technology architecture perspective. In order to accommodate its current user base and meet expectations for that base to increase, the application had to be scalable.

Originally, the goal was to just refresh the platform with a modern interface, but the scope widened to completely renovate their technology solution. Today, Saxony has effectively become the technology development team for this tech services company. Together we continue to roadmap new features and functionality that will enable them to grow revenue and broaden their footprint in the existing client base worldwide.

The Overview

Initially, Saxony was a customer of this SaaS company and used their platform and services for years prior to them engaging Saxony. After several years of using the SaaS company’s platform, Saxony was able to leverage its experience as a customer during the project.

Saxony discovered the primary user base was customer users – those who use the platform directly to gain insight on their employees and screen new-hire applicants.  Global in nature, this user base is 25,000 and continues to grow.

The other user bases who are housed within the tech services company, corporate licensees and corporate administrators, need broader functionality. Not only do corporate licensees need access to their respective customer company data, but they also need the capability to carry out some administrative functions (i.e., sending out invoices). Corporate administrators originally had to use several separate systems to perform their duties (sign documents, accounts payable, etc.). Saxony built core functions into the platform that replaced or integrated the various systems, which resulted in streamlining some of their business processes. 

The platform was originally built with outdated software and had accumulated massive technical debt. For flexibility and scalability, Saxony moved the platform to the cloud. Storing the company’s database in the cloud relieves their customers from maintaining an on-prem environment, but new security measures needed to be implemented to ensure the safety of data exchange.

Although this move to the cloud required a complicated security model, Saxony nailed it. Within one global database, users had unique restrictions and access permissions – they needed to see their information, but not information that belonged to others. For example, you wouldn’t want Company A to be able to look in Company B’s pool of data and vice versa. Even within the data for a single client, customer users needed different rights and security measures in order operate effectively. Typically, this level of security would slow an application down as users move from one page to the next or try running reports. However, the experts at Saxony crafted a security model that allowed for full functionality without sacrificing speed – that’s where our talent shines.

Now with a revamped platform, this tech services company can go on the offense. With a continued partnership, Saxony is expanding the product to include additional functions and features relevant to the psychometric tech services industry.

The Results

  • The platform was moved to the cloud to ensure future scalability.
  • The company has grown over 70% in the first year since the new platform was launched.
  • The security model is both secure and fast.
  • The full adoption rate of the platform is higher.