Saxony “Health Gurus” Win Top Prize at Texas Healthcare Challenge

Saxony “Health Gurus” Win Top Prize at Texas Healthcare Challenge

DALLAS – Over the weekend, Saxony’s team of “Health Gurus” won the Texas Healthcare Challenge.

Seventeen teams competed in the two-day event, which was hosted by Health Wildcatters at their offices in downtown Dallas. Each team pitches a problem statement and a solution, which is judged on based on four criteria: innovation, health impact, business model, and presentation.

Saxony’s Team – Yasir Bashir, Pitts Pichetsurnthorn, and Justin Steele – focused their winning pitch on remote patient monitoring, including by leveraging wearable technology (Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.). “Wearables” and remote monitoring devices generate lots of data that could be quite useful in predicting illness, but only if that data was integrated into a secure database. Unfortunately, such integrations are rare.

But, by integrating that data into a secure database and applying predictive analytics tools, patients and providers could be flagged when certain data points (heart rate, sleep quality, etc.) point to emerging diseases and disorders. That would allow for proactive action to be taken before conditions worsen.

The judges – a panel largely made up of physicians – were impressed enough to award Saxony’s team the grand prize. The “Health Gurus” were awarded $120,000 worth of IBM Watson Cloud credits, as well as a $1,000 cash prize.

The event was multidisciplinary and included entrepreneurs, students, doctors, engineers, software developers, scientists, policymakers, and others within the healthcare industry.

By leveraging technology and data strategy, Saxony Partners’ healthcare practice is committed to helping our clients improve outcomes, eliminate waste and manual tasks, and optimize performance.