Saxony Partners Yardi Consultants Offer a Variety of Services Across Property Types

Saxony Partners Yardi Consultants Offer a Variety of Services Across Property Types

A Deep Dive Into the Work of Saxony Partners Yardi Consultants

Saxony Partners is the only management and digital consulting firm combining extensive industry knowledge with technology expertise – and this includes our extensive Yardi practice. As a Yardi Independent Consultant, Saxony Partners works with companies nationwide to implement, manage, augment, and upgrade their Yardi environments.

Saxony is a trusted resource in part because of our respected team of Yardi consultants, and in part because of the work we’ve done with real estate clients of all sizes and specialties. Our Yardi consultants come from and know the real estate industry implicitly, and they know the pain points our clients typically face.

We work with clients in the commercial, industrial, residential, and public housing sectors – including CBRE, Progress, Invitation Homes, and LaSalle, to name a few.

Our Yardi Approach

In the broadest sense, you can segment Saxony Partner’s Yardi approach into three stages: Analysis, Delivery, Teamwork.

In the Analysis stage, our real estate data experts do a deep dive into your company’s operations and current technology systems, identifying high-value, quick business operations improvements. Then, in the Delivery stage, we begin creating and executing those improvements – which can include platform upgrades, module implementations, business process changes, customized solutions, and more.

Finally, in the Teamwork stage, Saxony’s team prepares your employees to adopt the new technologies and processes to ensure project success. Teamwork includes training new and existing employees, facilitating change management, and assisting with staff augmentation.

Saxony’s Yardi Services

Let’s dive a little deeper into the specific services that Saxony Partners offers its Yardi clients. 

Implementation: Our team can lead or assist with Yardi Implementations, both initial CORE implementations and implementations of additional modules such as Procure2Pay, RENTCafe, Inspections, and more.

Project Management: Saxony offers project management services in addition to our other Yardi services. Our skilled project managers ensure that projects stay in budget and within your timelines.

Upgrades: Clients trust our experts when upgrading to the newest versions of Yardi Voyager. A transition from 6 to 7S can be a heavy lift, so we leverage our prior experience to make the upgrade a seamless experience for our clients.

Training: Our team helps your employees learn Yardi through our customizable training programs. Our preferred method of training is to be on-site with your teams, as this method secures undivided attention from the users, and allows for a comfortable setting to facilitate questions. We can also host virtual trainings where we will demo a product and interact with a group, no matter the location. In either case, Saxony provides training documents and videos by request. We can also help add to existing LMS catalogs or assist in implementing Yardi’s eLearning program.

Operation Analysis/Business Process Review: Saxony’s Yardi consultants have many years of on-site property management experience, as well as deep knowledge of Yardi software. We use this to your advantage when reviewing operations and interviewing users. Upon completion of the review, we report back with documented findings – and we provide recommendations to make your operations more efficient.

Staff Augmentation: If budgets are tight, or you haven’t found the right person to fill your Yardi role, our team of experts can fill the gap in Yardi administration, development, and more.

Development: Saxony’s talented Yardi developers can create customizations in your Yardi database, such as: automated processes, triggers to automate functions, custom report creation, and more. We can create operational efficiencies through process automation. We support YSR, SSRS, SQL, and other report types – as well as support for Custom Correspondence and FillDocs.

Managed Services: We offer a cost-effective Help Desk model to assist with and enhance your Yardi product suite.  Saxony can optimize the operation and maintenance of your Yardi applications, allowing you to minimize headcount growth as you scale your business and technology footprint. Our flexible plans offer tier-one Help Desk services dealing directly with your users, and escalation services for answering tough questions. In addition, we offer database administration, accounting, property onboarding, data imports, and many other services.

In short, we work with your team to ensure Yardi operations run smoothly.

All of these services are available, no matter what property type you manage: multifamily, single family, public housing, commercial, storage, and/or land.

Get To Know Our Yardi Team

The reason Saxony Partners is a trusted Yardi resource offering dozens of options for service and support? We have a great team.

Does your company use Yardi software? Reach out to Saxony Partners for a business process review to see how we can help you get the most out of your software investment. Regardless of what type of properties you manage, or what kind of Yardi-related assistance you need – Saxony Partners can deliver timely, effective, and consistent results.