Get to Know the Saxony Healthcare Team: Suresh Pankaj

Suresh Pankaj came to Saxony directly from the healthcare industry 

For nearly three years, he served as an ETL Manager for North Texas Specialty Physicians, a physician’s group founded by doctors and focused on helping them develop innovative methods of delivering care and reducing costs. Suresh led the data team at NTSP, developing ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) solutions for the delivery of big data to the cloud. Prior to NTSP, Pankaj spent 15 years at Computer Sciences Corporation as a lead analyst for CSC’s ETL and business intelligence practice.  

After accumulating nearly two decades of experience in analytics and big data, Suresh joined the team at Saxony in 2017 as a senior consultant. He was soon promoted to Solutions Architect for the Saxony Healthcare practice. 

Saxony Partners’ Suresh Pankaj

“The reason I chose to work at Saxony,” Suresh said, “was to help our clients function more efficiently by improving their processes and providing better insight to their data.” 

Since joining Saxony, Pankaj has been leaning into his ETL skillset – moving, cleaning, integrating, and modeling data for clients (including one of the largest healthcare companies in the world).  

“I am very, very passionate about healthcare,” Pankaj said. “I feel that healthcare has a big need for people with my skillset. When I worked for NTSP, I was exposed to several different areas of the industry. I realized that I could use my expertise to help provide better care, improve efficiencies, and bring costs down.” 

Providing better service more efficiently and cheaplythat’s the dream of almost every company in every industry, but where is the upside greater than in healthcare? Standing in the way of that dream state are dirty data, lack of process automation, siloed software, and a lack of planning and due diligence around data management. Pankaj’s skillset and experience are well-suited to addressing many of those serious issues.  

Suresh won Saxony’s 2018 Mark Cuban Award for Innovation for discovering a way to trim a 12-hour enterprise data warehouse record extraction down to a mere three hours. Saving 75 percent of time spent on a task is, indeed, an innovation.  

Outside the office, Suresh enjoys spending time with family, reading, watching TV, and exercising. 

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