SXNY Holdings LLC Acquires Saxony Partners

Yardi consulting and managed services asset purchase SXNY Holdings LLC, is excited to announce the acquisition of Saxony Partners, founded in 2011 by Jeff Wilson as a real estate technology company, expanding to include a Yardi practice in 2017. In recent years, Saxony has dedicated its efforts exclusively to Yardi consulting and managed services, delivering exceptional support […]

Yardi Property Onboarding for a Multifamily Real Estate Development Firm

Yardi Property Onboarding for a Multifamily Real Estate Development Firm

Multifamily Real Estate Development Firm Asks Saxony to Deliver Complex Yardi Property Onboarding Project Yardi property onboarding involves bringing new property data into a client’s existing database. This is done by loading it manually (via ETL) or electronically (a Yardi-to-Yardi conversion) into a core Voyager system. Secondary Yardi products such as RENTCafe and CRM Flex are often […]

4 Signs to Consider Managed Services for Yardi

4 Signs to Consider Managed Services for Yardi

Key Takeaways Yardi Managed Services offers flexible support to align with your specific needs. You shouldn’t feel like you’re running out of time every day. Leveraging Managed Services gives you crucial time back. When Yardi is crucial for your day-to-day, keep your processes smooth by having a team of experts on your side. Get your […]

Hero image for Streamlining Investment Management Processes with Custom Documentation

Streamlining Investment Management Processes with Custom Documentation

Have you spent too much time scouring the help section within Yardi? Oftentimes, a “one size fits all” approach to investment management can feel like a maze with no exit. That’s because there is none. Your investment portfolio is unique and in turn deserves custom solutions. Proper documentation plays a huge role in ensuring your […]

A Comprehensive Guide on Yardi Investment Suite: Features, Benefits, and More

Yardi has a lot to offer for the investment management space. It’s no secret that their technology is some of the best in the real estate industry. With many options and customizable add-ons, you can configure the technology to your needs. Although that’s the case, sometimes it can be confusing to know exactly how to […]

What is YardiOne? Yardi’s Latest Update Explained

YardiOne: The Basics Yardi is rolling out a convenient update for their users called YardiOne, a single system for user security information. If you use multiple Yardi offerings, YardiOne lets you access all of your Yardi software from one platform. Rather than you having to log in multiple times for each of your applications, you […]

Improve Your SFR and BTR Property Onboarding Process

Efficient property onboarding is crucial when managing single-family rental (SFR) or build-to-rent (BTR) portfolios. It ensures that your new properties are integrated into your existing property management system. To add to this pressure, property onboarding also plays a critical role in establishing your relationship with a new client. If your property onboarding process takes too […]

4 Ways You Need to Leverage Technology for SFR/BTR Success 

Command the Competition The successes of the SFR and BTR markets are clear. With numerous market drivers fueling these sectors as golden opportunities within the real estate industry, many are looking for how to stay ahead within SFR and BTR Markets. But it’s important to note that just tapping into a hot market won’t bring […]

The Top 5 Yardi Add-Ons

The Top 5 Yardi Add-ons Recommended by Our Team of Professional Consultants  If you work in commercial or residential real estate, then Yardi likely serves as your operational hub for property management. But are you utilizing all of its features to their full potential?  Implementing add-ons can optimize your business processes and make your day-to-day […]

Yardi Best Practices

Underutilized Yardi Best Practices You Need to Know

Underutilized Yardi Best Practices You Need to Know Even if you use Yardi as your real estate management tool of choice on a daily basis, chances are you could be overlooking a few best practices intended to make your life easier. You may feel like you have mastered Yardi software, or you may feel like […]