The Top 5 Yardi Add-Ons

If you work in commercial or residential real estate, then Yardi likely serves as your operational hub for property management. But are you utilizing all of its features to their full potential? 

Implementing add-ons can optimize your business processes and make your day-to-day life a little bit easier. Here are the top five Yardi add-ons you could be using, recommended by Saxony Partners’ team of independent Yardi consultants.

1. PayScan

Are you still shuffling invoices around for approval? If so, it’s time to get digital! 

Yardi PayScan is part of the Procure to Pay (P2P) suite, which allows for uploading of invoice images and harnesses the power of Voyager’s comprehensive Workflow and Notifications application. Within PayScan, you can have different workstreams for different types of invoices, allowing you to get through the workflow approvals faster and more efficiently. In short: you save time – from invoicing to payment processing.

“When you’re using a product like Yardi, it’s important to optimize and align your current company goals with your technology,” said Jennifer Vinyard, a Yardi Manager at Saxony Partners. “This is where Saxony steps in to help navigate this process and do the work for you. Our Saxony Yardi practice team has a wealth of knowledge on the PayScan and P2P products and has been around to watch them evolve from their infancy to the robust products they are today. We have completed many new implementations and optimizations of PayScan.”

2. VendorCafe

Is your accounts payable department overrun with vendor calls? It’s time to offer your vendors the same technology you offer your staff and tenants. Let them submit their invoices to you electronically and give them insight into the status of those invoices in the processing cycle. 

It’s easier than ever to stay on top of these invoices because notifications are sent directly from the vendor portal. VendorCafe allows your vendors to upload their insurance certifications, freeing up valuable time for other work priorities. 

If you’re uncertain about the VendorCafe learning curve, you are not alone. Saxony Partners can help.

“We can provide support for updates, settings, user changes, and general troubleshooting or “how-to” questions,” Vinyard said. “Our team has provided detailed pressure testing on this product and submitted several enhancement feature requests to the developers while supporting our clients through the beta testing.”

Our Yardi consulting team has extensive background and expertise covering all of the essential steps to success for using VendorCafe.

“We have team members with accounting and AP backgrounds who can assist with ensuring all vendors are following compliance regulations,” said Meagan Stuesser, Saxony Partners’ Yardi Consultant.

3. RENTCafe

With RentCafe, you can fulfill all your marketing, leasing, and resident services needs within one software platform. 

Online leasing allows prospects to apply to homes on their schedule and book tours to view the property. Tenant portal allows residents to stay connected via communications between each other and the office, and it provides a convenient way to put in service requests and sign lease documents. Both portals allow online payments, which keeps accounts receivables low.  RENTCafé also captures source data, which helps with marketing dollars.

“Since our team members have used products like RENTCafe on an everyday basis from the client side, we can help guide companies during setup to meet both goals and best practices,” Stuesser said.

4. Fixed Assets

Essentially, Fixed Assets helps you get organized and keep track of everything in one place. It’s helpful with maintenance inventory, budget tracking, and staying compliant so you don’t void any warranties. 

Fixed Assets improves logistics and helps you gain total oversight of asset depreciation. You can track depreciation of asset values using configurable methodologies to suit your accounting structure. Integration with property management workflows improves efficiency because equipment can be easily tracked.

“Some of our team members have backgrounds in accounting, finance, and even maintenance,” Stuesser said. “Their years in the field help them relate to our clients better than competitors and ensure their capability to put together a successful plan for organizing assets.”

5. CRM

Are you struggling to keep up with your leads, or losing traffic mysteriously? CRM helps you maximize your marketing ROI. Capture every lead and keep residents happy with an end-to-end customer relationship management solution.

CRM makes it easier to hold your staff accountable and grow leasing. See the firsthand proof that your marketing dollars make sense, and budget accordingly in the future. With CRM, you can stay competitive in a tight market where prospects have a lot of comparable choices. 

“Saxony has been an instrumental partner to our clients to help them through their implementation process with Yardi,” Vinyard said. “We do the heavy lifting on your configuration settings and act as a project manager to ensure the tasks are completed on time and the project stays on course.”

Are you using these top 5 Yardi add-ons?

When you use the right Yardi features for your unique business goals, you can maximize your time and money. 

Wondering how to get started with any of these Yardi tools? Let Saxony Partners help you implement and optimize your Yardi products and grow your business.