Welcome to our YASC East Coast Digital Booth!

Saxony Partners is sharing all of the information we would have delivered in-person at YASC East.

Sure, we’re bummed that we can be with you in Washington, D.C., for Yardi’s annual YASC East Coast conference at the Washington Hilton. But just because YASC East Coast is going digital this year doesn’t mean that our booth can’t go digital as well.

COVID-19 may have scuttled our travel plans, but it can’t stop us from sharing important information for our Yardi clients.

Chat with an Expert

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Latest Yardi Thought-Leadership


  • On-site vs. Remote Training – If your business is considering Yardi training to better optimize the use of your systems, weighing the pros and cons for bringing a consultant into your business or working with someone remotely is probably one of your top concerns.
  • Yardi Training Tips – We recommend that our clients undergo training with an expert. Our team of independent Yardi consultants helps clients begin their journey with Yardi on the right foot and quickly master the skills they need to use Yardi effectively.

Business Process Review:

  • BPR 101 – “It’s our way of better understanding their business and how they do things so we can more easily streamline processes and translate things to Yardi.”


  • Underutilized Yardi Best Practices – You may feel like you have mastered Yardi software, or you may feel like you have a long way to go. But with such a robust and multifunctional tool, there are always more tips and tricks to add to your wheelhouse.
  • Choosing An Independent Yardi Consultant – Consultants can dive deep into your specific business needs and challenges and provide expert guidance for Yardi-related issues.
  • Yardi’s AI Footprint Is Set To Expand – Big data, Internet of Things, and AI – these emerging technologies could be a game-changer for Yardi, their clients, and independent Yardi consultants.


  • Top 5 Yardi Add-ons – Implementing add-ons can optimize your business processes and make your day-to-day life a little bit easier. Here are the top five Yardi add-ons you could be using.
  • Yardi Security & Compliance – Our team of independent Yardi consultants can guide our clients towards better Yardi security that meets compliance and protects their data against hackers or ransomware.
  • Yardi Workflow Tips – Workflows can make or break your level of efficiency within Yardi systems. When your workflow experiences regular delays and complications, things can quickly go off-track and leave your office less efficient than it was before.

Meet Our Team Of Yardi Experts

  • Anne Escobedo: Anne Escobedo joined Saxony Partners in 2017 after more than a decade in the property management industry. She is a senior manager focusing on our Yardi implementation and management practice.
  • Trent Magill: Since joining Saxony in 2018, Trent worked as a consultant focused on business process optimization and Yardi implementation, assisting clients of ranging in size from small privately held businesses to large corporations.
  • Iris Esguerra: Iris has more than 20 years of experience in the property management industry, including virtually everything related to Yardi.
  • Jennifer Vinyard: Jennifer works with real estate clients to implement and improve their ERP systems. She has been responsible for maintaining Yardi systems and other centralized software applications, providing process review, testing, maintenance, and training in these software applications.
  • Meagan Stuesser: Meagan’s Yardi admin career started on the residential side with multifamily. She went on to support international, commercial, and now single-family homes.
  • LeAnne Berreth: LeAnne’s expertise within Yardi is vast. She’s an expert in the areas of Commercial, Construction, PayScan, Budget and Forecasting, Maintenance, and Inventory.

Downloadable Yardi Resources

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