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YASC Global 2021 is once again meeting virtually – so we’ve made our conference booth virtual, too. All of the free Yardi resources we typically bring to the live YASC conferences are now available to you in digital format.

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Our Latest Thought Leadership for YASC Global 2021

We have the most experienced group of Yardi consultants in the business, and they are always happy to share their knowledge with you. Here is some of our most recent Yardi thought leadership:

Yardi Voyager vs. Yardi Breeze: Which one is right for your business?

Yardi Voyager or Yardi Breeze? Here’s our guide for determining which one is right for your business.

Yardi Q&A: How do you extract Yardi data to Azure SQL?

Yarid consultant Eli Le answers this frequently asked Yardi question.

Yardi Q&A: How can I use Yardi to enhance customer experience?

Iris Esguerra explains how RENTCafe Site Manager can be utilized to improve your digital strategy.

Forecasting Job Costs and Onboarding Properties in Yardi for a Global Real Estate Firm

A century-old, global real estate firm called on Saxony Partners to solve a critical job costs problem. Here’s how Saxony Partners leveraged the company’s existing Yardi environment to create a standardized platform for tracking these expenses.

Saxony Partners Yardi Services

Saxony Partners offers full-service Yardi support, serving clients in the commercial, industrial, residential (single family, multifamily, student, senior), and public housing sectors.

Our team of consultants has collectively over 50 years of experience in Yardi software. We hire people who have worked in the real estate industry so that they can better understand the challenges our clients experience and pinpoint solutions.


If you aren’t familiar with best practices surrounding Yardi implementations, you could easily overlook key steps in the setup process. That could undermine the usability of the software. Our team can lead or assist with Yardi Implementations – both initial CORE ​implementations and implementations of additional modules such as Procure2Pay, RENTCafe, Inspections, and more.

Project Management

If you need to focus your efforts on one particular project while still maintaining day-to-day operations within your organization, Saxony Partners can help with that. Our skilled project managers ensure that projects stay within budget and timelines.


If you haven’t upgraded from Yardi Voyager 6 to 7s, that should be your number one priority. Yardi support no longer extends to Voyager 6 – leaving you vulnerable to technology problems. A transition from one version of Voyager to another can be a heavy lift, so we leverage our prior experience to make the upgrade a seamless experience for our clients.

Learn more about upgrading Yardi Voyager.

Staff Augmentation

Is your staff already maxing out its bandwidth? Our team of experts can fill the gap in Yardi administration, development, and more.


Finding the time and resources to train your staff in Yardi can be challenging. Our team helps your employees learn Yardi systems through our customizable training programs. We host virtual training sessions where we demo a product and interact with a group, no matter the location.

Learn more about on-site vs. remote Yardi training, and check out these training tips from our experts.


Do you need customizations within your Yardi database? Our talented team of developers can help with automation, custom reporting, and more.

Managed Services

We offer a cost-effective Help Desk model to assist with and enhance your Yardi product suite. We can optimize the operation and maintenance of your Yardi applications, minimizing headcount growth as you scale.​

Learn more about our Managed Services.

Looking for help with any of these Yardi services? Tell us how we can help you here.

We have empowered countless businesses to save time, money, and resources as they maximize their use of Yardi software. Our team is ready to work with you and help you achieve your business goals.

Meet Our Team of Yardi Experts

  • Anne Escobedo: Anne Escobedo joined Saxony Partners in 2017 after more than a decade in the property management industry. She is a senior manager focusing on our Yardi implementation and management practice.
  • Trent Magill: Since joining Saxony in 2018, Trent worked as a consultant focused on business process optimization and Yardi implementation, assisting clients of ranging in size from small privately held businesses to large corporations.
  • Iris Esguerra: Iris has more than 20 years of experience in the property management industry, including virtually everything related to Yardi. Previously she spoke on a panel about Modernizing Your Traditional Training Program at Yardi’s annual YASC conference in Washington, D.C.
  • Jennifer Vinyard: Jennifer works with real estate clients to implement and improve their ERP systems. She has been responsible for maintaining Yardi systems and other centralized software applications, providing process review, testing, maintenance, and training in these software applications.
  • Meagan Stuesser: Meagan’s Yardi admin career started on the residential side with multifamily. She went on to support international, commercial, and now single-family homes.
  • LeAnne Berreth: LeAnne’s expertise is vast, encompassing Commercial, Construction, PayScan, Budget and Forecasting, Maintenance, and Inventory.
  • Robert Clement: Robert has more than two decades of experience in the real estate sector. A resourceful and focused project manager, clients trust Robert to identify needs, evaluate issues and risks, and drive innovative solutions.
  • Eli Le: Eli is an expert in delivering reporting solutions for our real estate clients – he has deep experience in SQL, SSRS, SSIS, and PowerBI, in addition to his Yardi expertise.

Why Choose Saxony Partners

What sets Saxony Partners apart is that we are built by real estate, for real estate. This means we hire employees directly from the real estate industry with background in property management. Our team understands all of the nuances and concerns that come with utilizing Yardi software, and that better equips them to help you achieve success.

In addition to industry expertise, we prioritize technology expertise. Our team stays on top of Yardi best practices so that we can make sure our clients do too. Even if you don’t have a Yardi expert on your staff, we can help you maximize Yardi to its fullest potential.

Learn more about what makes Saxony Partners unique.

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Upgrading from Yardi Voyager 6 to 7S

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