What is YardiOne? Yardi’s Latest Update Explained

YardiOne: The Basics

Yardi is rolling out a convenient update for their users called YardiOne, a single system for user security information. If you use multiple Yardi offerings, YardiOne lets you access all of your Yardi software from one platform. Rather than you having to log in multiple times for each of your applications, you only have to log in once with YardiOne. No more juggling multiple credentials and getting frustrated when you forget your password. Now, with YardiOne, you can access your Yardi applications with just one login.

Who is YardiOne for?

Good news, YardiOne is a free update for any user of Yardi Voyager 7S products with the Yardi SaaS, Yardi SaaS Select, and Yardi Private Cloud hosting models. You can even conveniently share your YardiOne access to those who need it. If you’re already using the previously stated Yardi products, follow the provided implementation steps to start benefitting from YardiOne.

How will YardiOne benefit me?

YardiOne is a product made for conveniency. If you implement YardiOne, you’ll be able to enjoy a single sign-on platform that also offers you these benefits:

Challenges of YardiOne Implementation

Although YardiOne is user-friendly, there are still steps you have to complete to integrate it with your Yardi environments. Depending on your current username settings, you may have to change your usernames to the needed format for YardiOne before integration can be started. This can be a heavy lift depending on the number of usernames you need to reformat. If you have many usernames in need of reformatting, reallocating your time to implement YardiOne is a necessity. 

When should I implement YardiOne?

YardiOne is currently available to implement. You can begin your implementation once you change your usernames to the required formatting for YardiOne. Don’t wait too long to complete your implementation, though. Yardi will be setting a required date for users to have completed their implementation by. Make sure that you are prepared so that you can start enjoying the benefits of YardiOne sooner rather than later.

Streamline YardiOne Implementation

Having trouble implementing YardiOne? Or are you looking to take the task of implementing YardiOne off your to-do list? Let our team step in. Our experts’ knowledge and expertise can help you streamline the YardiOne implementation process, so you can start reaping all the benefits YardiOne has to offer. 

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