What to Look for in an App Dev Team

Key Questions and Considerations for Companies in Search of an App Dev Partner

The more that companies lean into digital solutions to solve challenges and facilitate growth, the more important it is to have a strong, reliable app dev partner to assess, build, upgrade, and launch those solutions.

But where do you start? What do you look for when vetting an app dev team? What can a good app dev team do to transform your business? Here’s a guide for any company that’s interested in app dev as a solution to their business needs and challenges.

Where do you start?

Before enlisting the help of an app dev team, it’s essential that you have a pretty clear understanding of what a successful project looks like. Simply put – what is it you want to do? What is it you lack that is preventing you from accomplishing those goals? More fundamentally, do those goals line up with your business plan?

This is the time to assess your company’s technology roadmap. Many of the questions above can (or should) be answered by the roadmap – which serves as both a current-state assessment of your technology infrastructure and a guide for how to scale and adjust that infrastructure to meet future goals.

Once you have a clear understanding of your goals and how to define success, it’s time to begin vetting your app dev partner.

What to look for in an app dev team?

Before enlisting the help of an app dev team – or any technology implementation partner – it’s critical that you be comfortable with their approach and confident in their expertise. Here are a few things to consider as you assess a potential app dev partner.

Do they understand your business? Technology is a means to an end – and the end is accomplishing your business goals or solving business challenges. Success in achieving either or both of those outcomes is predicated on your implementation team understanding the fundamentals of your business operations, and even your industry. If you pick a partner that doesn’t pair extensive industry knowledge with their technology expertise, you’ll waste energy and effort coaching and training them before the project gets off the ground.  

Are they technology agnostic? Some consulting firms and app dev shops fly a flag for a particular technology solution or platform. Maybe it’s a certain type of code, or a particular cloud platform or software, or maybe it’s blockchain. If that solution happens to match well with your needs – great! If not, those firms may still try to fit a square peg solution into a round hole problem.

For example, if your data exists within a Microsoft environment, you should probably leverage Microsoft Azure as your cloud service. But if you enlist a firm that’s betrothed to AWS, they might try to convince you that AWS is the better solution. And hey, it might be – but you should be confident going into a project that your app dev partner is on your side, not the side of a particular technology. You want to know that whatever solution they provide is matched explicitly to your needs. 

Are they setting you up for dependency? Companies may be leery of hiring outside consulting because they assume they are setting themselves up as a perpetual client. And it’s true – some firms overengineer and overcomplicate their solutions in order to keep themselves busy and onsite for the foreseeable future. A true partner is going to work collaboratively at the front-end of a project to define success, implement the solution, and train your staff to leverage (and scale) the solution independently. A good partner will want to help you meet a need and then be self-sufficient moving forward.

What projects have they done and what do their clients say? As part of your due diligence, you should familiarize yourself with the work that an app dev team has executed for similar clients with similar needs. Client stories and references are a valuable resource to help you determine a firm’s expertise, project management style, capabilities, and how they deliver speed-to-value. Ask for references – and leverage them for information. Ask for bios of specific people assigned to work on your project.

Saxony Partners’ App Dev Team

Whether you need a custom software solution, technology and platform modernization, cloud data solution, or someone to help you assess and right-size your technology infrastructure – Saxony Partners’ app dev team can help.

Here are a few of the ways we transform the way you do business:

  • .NET upgrades: Are you running applications on .NET 4? Best case, you might be missing out on new functionality offered by .NET 5. Worst case, you might be leveraging a platform that is slated to be sunsetted by Microsoft. Saxony can help you upgrade easily from .NET 4 to .NET 5.
  • Clean code principles: Clean code is code that is simple, readable, repeatable, and easy to change. How clean is your code? The answer will determine how easily and quickly apps can be modified and upgraded to meet future needs. Saxony follows clean code practices and can work with you to ensure that your apps are built with code that’s easy to understand and change.
  • Right-size your technology infrastructure: Researcher Jonathan Koomey recently found that companies overspend by about 36 percent on cloud architecture. That translates to about $62 billion in IT costs. Saxony’s team can assess your current cloud environment and determine if it aligns with your company’s needs. Rightsizing that environment can save you a significant amount of money.
  • Platform modernization: Updating or moving away from legacy applications or infrastructure can deliver both immediate benefits (such as faster access to trustworthy data and improved data security) and long-term benefits (allowing you to scale to meet future growth and business needs). Saxony’s app dev team can help you take advantage of modern IT architecture and programing languages.

Not all consultants are created equal. Some are shills for a particular technology or platform. Some overbuild an expensive solution that is ill-suited to meet your needs. Either way, they’re not on your side. And if you’re the person who hired them, you could be in trouble

Saxony Partners is on your side. We hire people from the industries we serve and we pair them with talented technology experts to deliver speed-to-value. We work with you to understand your business challenges and we build appropriate, right-sized technology solutions to solve them. Our goal is to be your player/coach in the process by implementing the solution collaboratively and empowering you to maintain and scale it as your business grows.

Questions about how Saxony’s app dev team can help you achieve your business goals? Connect with us here.