Meet Yardi Consultant Meagan Stuesser

Yardi Consultant Meagan Stuesser Embraces Saxony’s Values

Meagan Stuesser has been a member of the Saxony real estate team since November 2018. Her reason for joining as a Yardi Consultant? The company values.

“Saxony cares,” Meagan said. “They care about your growth as an employee and they take care of their people.”

Before Meagan embraced the culture at Saxony, she worked as a Business Analyst and System Support Specialist. Her Yardi admin career started on the residential side with multifamily. She went on to support international, commercial, and now single-family homes.

“I started using Yardi as a front-end user,” Meagan said. “I think that this perspective is beneficial as it allows us to better understand from a business point of view how process improvements can help in the day to day operations.”

Meagan’s wide variety of Yardi implementation skills helps her provide clients with the best possible outcomes.

Saxony Yardi Consultant Meagan Stuesser
Saxony Yardi Consultant Meagan Stuesser

“I think it takes a certain skillset to be able to do help desk work,” Meagan said. “You have to know at least a little about a lot of things.”

Meagan says she has noticed her clients struggle most with simply using Yardi software for their daily tasks and goals. The Saxony team’s combined years of knowledge and experience with Yardi offers the solutions her clients desperately need.

“One of the biggest issues that companies face is that they aren’t equipped with the knowledge, capacity, or resources to resolve issues that they see from the day-to-day business,” Meagan said. “This is where managed services are beneficial. We assist in the resolution of day-to-day issues that arise.”

Meagan said she believes the Yardi team Saxony Partners has built over the past year is uniquely equipped to handle any of their clients’ challenges.

“Good Yardi admins are hard to come by,” Meagan said. “The unique thing about Saxony is that the majority of our Yardi team have worked together previously at other companies so we recognize the specific strengths that each of us have and we’ve built a sort of Yardi Super Team over the last year. You’d be hard pressed to find another company that has a wider range of knowledge and experience around Yardi than we do at Saxony.”

When Meagan isn’t partnering with her fellow Yardi consultants to provide innovative solutions, she is probably spending time with her pets.

“I work hard so my fur babies can have nice things,” Meagan said.