Yardi Implementation: Do It Right the First Time

Yardi Implementation: Do It Right the First Time

Yardi Implementation: Do it Right the First Time

So you’ve made the decision to purchase Yardi as your ERP system. Now reality sets in and you realize there is a lot more work required than you originally thought.  Trying to work your way through the maze of customizations and all the modules Yardi offers can certainly be overwhelming. With any typical Yardi implementation, you could even be expected to handle system configuration yourself.  Our focus is to help clients navigate this process with as much confidence as possible.  No other firm marries industry knowledge and technical capability to the extent of Saxony Partners. Our consultants come from real estate and have a deep understanding of the Yardi system. Our industry experience allows us to recommend best practices and implement a solution to fit your unique business needs.

Receive a Robust Evaluation and Roadmap

Setting up Yardi is never easy, but we offer our expertise and provide skilled resources to reduce the unnecessary burden and do the heavy lifting for you. We start with a business process review to align the expectations of the organization with your system configuration. Together we will develop a roadmap of necessary modules, workflows, and training needs. After discovery, we refine the project plan to reflect a trustworthy timeline, reasonable cost, and a matchup of resources for a successful implementation.

“Roadmaps are unique to each client,” says Anne Escobedo, Saxony Partners Senior Manager. “The recommendations and timeline are created based on each client’s needs and available resources. We bring business knowledge and technical know-how to ensure Yardi is set up correctly for their specific business. We want our partners to be comfortable with the system and not overwhelmed by taking on too much at one time. Having a firm foundation in Yardi is important, and then growing the platform to provide even more efficiencies.”

Saxony can help with project deliverables by handling data, formatting and imports. Our history with Yardi implementations has provided us with the tools to streamline setup, troubleshoot issues quickly and provide project guidance. Our team will take on the demanding tasks, so your team can focus their efforts on day-to-day responsibilities.

Continue Support with Managed Services  

After implementation, Saxony Partners continues to work with you to ensure your team members have reliable support through our managed services.

“We offer help desk support through our Managed Services,” says Escobedo. “When a client completes their Yardi implementation, there could be ongoing training needs as users familiarize themselves with the new system. Not all companies have a Yardi support team, so we can step in to fill that role. Our Managed Services team handles day-to-day requests from clients to address issues like user management, accounting questions, training needs and much more. You will have a continuation of service, with flexible options.” We provide data-backed reporting to our Managed Service clients each month. We monitor the types of tickets that are handled, along with their frequency. “If we see a pattern of ticket submissions around the same topic, we will identify what training we could provide to help alleviate the repeated need for support,” says Escobedo. “We can facilitate a customized training program, create guides or hold a webinar to ensure the users are properly trained.”

Many clients come to us AFTER a failed Yardi implementation, wishing they had partnered with us sooner. Implementing Yardi correctly the first time will increase user buy-in and adoption, help to lower frustrations and allow your team more time and energy to focus on your business. Saxony Partners has a proven track record of successful Yardi implementation projects and can be your trusted business partner to make your Yardi system run smoothly.

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