Yardi Managed Services

It can be difficult to devote enough bandwidth to your Yardi software and internal processes to keep them up-to-date and functioning properly. When your number one focus as a property management company is to serve your tenants, things like software updates, staff training, or careful reporting can easily fall to the back burner.

At Saxony Partners, we provide Yardi Managed Services to help empower our clients to utilize Yardi to its full capacity. When you have a partner you can trust to correctly implement modules, train new staff, and troubleshoot problems, your organization will be armed with all the tools you need to be successful.

Here is an overview of the Yardi Managed Services we offer at Saxony Partners.

Determining Your Yardi Managed Services Needs

Saxony Partners’ Yardi Consultant and Manager Jennifer Vinyard has helped countless clients with their managed services needs. Vinyard explained how Saxony works with companies of every size and scope across a wide range of support options.

“We assist with overflow, onboarding new staff members, training, module implementations, and troubleshooting through our Help Desk system,” Vinyard said.

The type of services a client needs typically differs based on its size and the level of Yardi expertise on its staff. In order to determine what will be most beneficial and cost-effective for each client, the Saxony Partners team takes note of a client’s key processes and workflows prior to beginning each project.

“We talk to the client about where their needs are,” Vinyard said. “How much activity you’re having in Yardi determines what type of support you need. Are we going to be doing all of the support where every employee just sends a ticket to our Help Desk system? Do they need full-time support personnel? Or is it an escalation thing – where you do have a Yardi admin but that person doesn’t have the time or resources for every issue. That person can delegate tasks to Saxony and send in tickets.”

These different scenarios each represent different types of clients and tiers of service Saxony Partners can provide. Our Yardi consultants can be full-time or part-time resources, or a provide a block of hours that the client uses over a period of time.

Yardi Managed Services for Small Businesses

For clients with a smaller team, the workload of Yardi tasks can be overwhelming for the amount of bandwidth available. These clients may not have anyone specifically designated to manage their Yardi environment.

“Some clients have an excessive volume of support and they don’t have a dedicated Yardi admin at all,” Vinyard said. “Sometimes hiring us for blocks of hours each month is more cost-effective than hiring someone full time for Yardi support.”

In some cases, senior employees may be handling Yardi tasks simply because there isn’t anyone else on staff available. This detracts from valuable time they need to do other important aspects of their work.

“Small business clients will sometimes have an accountant or CFO responsible for Yardi admin work,” Vinyard said. “That is not a good use of their skill set, but they just don’t have anyone else to do it. When we come on board to handle Yardi services, those employees can spend their time in their key roles and delegate the rest to us. They can elevate their positions.”

Smaller businesses may also struggle to make time for onboarding and training staff in the Yardi system. The Saxony team ensures everyone is up to speed on Yardi best practices.

“Working with us also gives companies access to training resources, which is beneficial because they often do not have time to sit down with a new employee and train them in Yardi,” Vinyard said. “Since they already have a gap in their staff where Yardi services are concerned, they definitely don’t have time to fully onboard each person and get them up to speed.

“We can help with that. We provide new employees with basic navigation tutorials and training videos, answer their questions, and give them an overview of how specifically their company is using the system.”

Yardi Managed Services for Large Companies

Larger companies can also experience issues related to Yardi staffing. Their Yardi staff can be too small to manage the need, or so large that it becomes a drain on company resources. Saxony can solve for both ends of the spectrum.

“Sometimes our clients do have a Yardi admin, but they can’t keep up with their workload,” Vinayrd said. “If an admin is overallocated and needs some backup, instead of hiring a full-time backup, they hire us to fill in the gaps.”

“In other cases, a client may start to increase their headcount too much in an effort to meet Yardi system needs,” Vinyard said. “The benefit of using us is that they can grow their revenue while leveling off the headcount. They can retain key talent and delegate.”

Whether a client needs some part-time support or full-time availability, Saxony Partners can handle any type of request.

“The type of work we do for clients varies,” Vinyard said. “It can be as simple as overflow, it can be training existing employees, or it can be full administration. Those are the different types of solutions we offer.”

Onboarding Process

Our onboarding process is designed to set up your organization for success. First, we document a list of your Yardi users, including their position, contact details, and asset/property assignments so we may onboard them into our Help Desk platform​.

We also make note of any established procedures we should follow, escalation processes and contacts, and any tickets we should not address in support. ​

After the onboarding process is complete, we provide you with a welcome letter containing directions for submitting support cases that you may share with your teams. ​This ensures that your use of the Help Desk system will go smoothly.

Levels of Support

Once you begin utilizing our Yardi Managed Services platform, the Help Desk team is at your disposal for requests.

“Help desk is not always about troubleshooting,” Vinyard said. “Sometimes, it’s just ‘how-to’ questions. We are the go-to source of information if a client has something they need to bounce off of us, or if they have a new employee who doesn’t know what to do. If there’s not a designated person on staff for them to reach out to, they can reach out to us and we are able to guide them into the right solution.”

The type of support you receive differs based on the type of request you make. We break down our support into three levels.

Level 1 covers basic requests like “how-to” support, remote troubleshooting, account maintenance, pricing updates, and property maintenance.

Level 2 covers escalations from Level 1, plus troubleshooting data issues, new user navigation training, module training, security updates, and plug-in support.

Additional Support covers reporting, property onboarding, high-level admin support, and a variety of customized requests.

Why Choose Saxony for Yardi Managed Services

If you are seeking Yardi Managed Services support, that ultimately means the level of activity in your organization’s Yardi system has exceeded the availability of your team.

When that happens, it is critical to rely on a partner you can trust to provide right solutions and the best possible support. The reason Saxony Partners is so adept at doing this stems from the expertise on our Yardi team.

“All of us on the Yardi team have come directly from the industry, so we know what the system should be doing,” Vinyard said. “That helps us figure out when it’s not doing its job. From a Yardi standpoint, the user guides are great, but the user guide doesn’t tell you what to do if the advice inside doesn’t work. That’s where the expertise of Yardi administrators come into play. We can deep dive into the root cause analysis and come up with a solution.”