Yardi Property Onboarding

Multifamily Real Estate Development Firm Asks Saxony to Deliver Complex Yardi Property Onboarding Project

Yardi property onboarding involves bringing new property data into a client’s existing database, typically by loading it manually (via ETL) or electronically (a Yardi-to-Yardi conversion) into a core Voyager system. That process is typically followed by configurations with third-party vendors, as well as with any Yardi ancillary products (such as RENTCafé and Flex).

It takes an experienced team to properly circumvent issues related to property onboarding. The process of loading data must happen in a very specific order and can be lengthy and tedious – depending on the size of the new asset.

This Saxony Partners client – a mid-sized residential real estate development company – needed help onboarding three new properties into their existing Yardi ecosystem.


After an initial kickoff meeting with Saxony Yardi consultants to determine scope and establish milestones, three goals were set:

First, complete the implementation of the Yardi Voyager 7S Residential Module for these three new properties. Second, complete onboarding to Go Live simultaneously with RENTCafé Site Manager and CRM Flex. And finally, leverage the current project as a template for future onboardings across the portfolio. The client would have the ability to host property management source systems within their own technology ecosystem, enabling them to have real-time visibility into property management operations.

Saxony’s team began the Voyager onboarding by building out the global and property system configurations specific to residential properties. This included set unit floor plans and type charges, property control, rentable items, amenities, sources, look-up lists, and results/reason. New menu and permission updates for existing and new user groups were provided. Additionally, we brought in tenant balances and financial history.

Concurrently, work was underway on RENTCafé Site Manager and CRM Flex. The media library, ILS feeds, email, SMS, and other templates and systems were built out. Settings were configured per the needs of the client and custom application tables were created. Our team worked with the client’s third-party website vendor to ensure their marketing website reflected these changes.

Finally, the Saxony team provided additional helpful deliverables, including user training and Host User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The ETL migration files and the Go Live execution plan were finalized.


The Voyager onboarding was a success and happened concurrently with RENTCafé Site Manager and CRM Flex, as planned. The project took 12 weeks to complete.

Here are some of the benefits this client realized upon completion of the project:

  • They were assured that each property was setup according to Yardi’s best practices.
  • Their staff members were able to focus on more important tasks, not on the tedious and lengthy onboarding duties that were completed by the Saxony team.
  • The client saved time and cost with the onboarding due to the efficiency gained by bringing in an external partner.
  • The project came in on-time and on-budget.
  • Because of Saxony’s player/coach approach to delivery, the client now has visibility into property management operations in real-time rather than waiting for reports from third-party management companies.