Yardi Q&A: How can I generate a list of users in Yardi Voyager?

Yardi Q&A: How can I generate a list of users in Yardi Voyager?

At Saxony Partners, we keep our eyes peeled for frequently asked Yardi questions from our clients, blog readers, and social media followers. Our team of independent Yardi consultants has decades of experience with Yardi software, and they are experts in problem solving, trouble shooting, performance improving, and training for our Yardi clients.

Recently, we’ve noticed many Yardi users asking: “How can I generate a list of users in Yardi Voyager?”

Our Senior Yardi Manager Anne Escobedo has the solution you’re looking for. According to Anne, generating a list of Yardi users starts with Admin access.

How to Generate a List of Users in Yardi Voyager

“Generating a list of users in Yardi is easy if you have Admin access,” Anne said. “Find Security Analytics by searching in the menu search box on the top left of your homepage.”

“Once you’re on the analytics homepage, toggle the report type to User Security Detail. Choose all the applicable groups and choose active/inactive or both for your types of users. You can generate this report to PDF, Excel, or the screen. It will give you the list of users and corresponding information, like the group they are assigned to, their property access, and more.”

Yardi Managed Services

If your team is struggling to tackle Yardi services alone, Saxony Partners can help.

It can be difficult to devote enough bandwidth to your Yardi software and internal processes necessary to keep it up-to-date and functioning properly. When your number one focus as a property management company is to serve your tenants, things like software updates, staff training, or careful reporting can easily fall to the back burner.

At Saxony Partners, we provide Yardi Managed Services to help empower our clients to utilize Yardi to its full capacity. 

Yardi Training

If you are brand new to Yardi software, or if you have dedicated Yardi users on staff but no time to show them the ropes, you might benefit from Yardi Training with our team.

There are numerous benefits to Yardi training from an experienced consultant. You can circumvent repetitive issues, prevent procedural errors that turn into costly mistakes, and avoid frustration and wasted time from guesswork.